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Travel Diary : Myeong-dong Street, Dongdaemun area & Cheonggyecheon stream,Seoul (Day 2)

After our Namsangol Hanok village exploration, we went for our lunch at Myeong-dong street. Since, I travelled with my Muslim friends so I need to respect them so I won't eat the non-halal food, I can but I choose not to. We ate the seafood fried rice and its delicious,yummy!
Since we explored 3 places straight, let me briefly share the info of each places.

1. Cheonggyecheon stream
Info : 
If you avid fans of Korean drama, you probably know this attraction. Cheonggyecheon is a stream over 10km long running through the center of downtown Seoul. Here, we can rest our feet after walking alot.
How to get here?
Take subway line 4, stop at Dongdaemun History and Culture Park station and walk around 10 mins.
What to do/see here?
Deep your feet inside the river, take photos at famous big stones..ahhaa and if you have time, enjoy the night view.

I always dreamed to cross this stream using this big stones..ahha, I'm not sure if you can understand what I mean but I just wanna try walk here and take photos. The weather on that day not quite good so its look dull and gray ( my favorite color for this moment, so I don't mind if everything look grey).

2. Dongdaemun area
Info :
This area is my first modern or futuristic look I ever see in my life so far. The DDP building is soo unique and surround here you can find big shopping malls and of course, the affordable street vendors and even the underground shopping mall.
How to get here?
Take subway line2,4 or 5, stop at Dongdaemun History and Culture Park station, Exit 1 and walking 5 minutes and enjoy the view.
What to experience or see here?
If you have more budget, you can enjoy any exhibition or for me, I just amazed with the building design, take photos and video and just sit at rest areas.

Underground shopping at Dongdaemun. I heard that, its better to go for midnight shopping at Dongdaemun, its a lot fun.

Then, we arrived at DDP ( they called it DDP so we called it that)

3. Myeong-dong area/street
Myeong-dong is most famous shopping districts in Korea. This districts is full of stores selling cosmetics, clothes, shoes and of course, along the way you can see a lot of street food vendors.
How to get here? 
Take subway Line 4, stop at Myeong-dong station and take exit 6 ( you'll see many people).
What to do here?
Obviously, HUNTING and emptied your wallet..ahhaha.
What must experience or buy here?
Stoking (W9,900) -Made in Korea
Eat unique ice cream

The moment you arrived at Myeong-dong station, be ready to be "crazy"..oh my oh my~, you will see the underground shopping mall and the things here is gorgeous!!

Then, the temptation begin..

We ate our lunch at this restaurant and its delicious!

Believe or not, I ate ice cream more than anything at Korea because its the cheapest food I can find.
This is rose ice cream, you can find it in the Myeong-dong street.

The making of rose ice cream, its look easy but I don't know if I can do it or not.

If you love cute stationary, this is must shop to visit. Everything is loook cute.

Oh my rose ice cream~

We explored many places during our first day travel in Seoul and feel soo tired.
But, can't wait for tomorrow. Each day in Seoul is veerry exciting and I always look forward to next day.

See you on my next post,

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