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Travel Diary : Nami Island | Winter Sonata (Day 3)

Hello from Nami Island ~
Being able to visit Nami Island makes me feel so thankful of my life. Its dream of mine to visit here because I just love the view. If you're hardcore fans of Korean drama then you know about this island. I still remember when I watching that drama, I can't believe that kind of location ever exist in this world. Even though I do not visit it during winter (as seen on the drama) but still I love the view. I'm glad I can experience early Autumn in my life. Without further due, let's see my photos and how to get to this beautiful island.

Welcome to Nami Island.
This actually parking area for Nami Island.

Nami Island was formed as a result of the construction of the Cheongpyeong Dam. It is a half moon shaped and on it is the grave of General Nami. Nami Island is 63 km away from Seoul and famous for its beautiful tree lined roads.And of course, Winter sonata drama effect..haha.

Recommended time of visit:
 May, July-August, October
During my visit, its still early September so no falling leaves yet.

How to get here?
The cheapest way to went to Nami Island is take subway and stop at Song Bong Station and change to ITX line and stopped at Gopyeong station.Its take almost 1hr from Seoul but never boring because the view is nicest.
From the Gopyeong station, you can take ;
I. public bus ( you need to cross the road) and you can use your T-money card.
ii. Taxi
You'll stop at Nami Island Ferry Wharf ( you can see money buses here). Here, you can purchase the ferry ticket to the island. 
Details how to go to Nami island as below:

Along our way to Gopyeong station ( the nearest station to Nami Island), I saw this kind of view which make me wanna get out from the train and take a lot of photos..ahha

When you arrived at Gopyeong station, if you planned to visit Nami Island only, you can catch the bus by cross the road.

This is Gopyeong station.

You'll see this sign when you arrived in Gopyeong and the bus station just in front of this sign.

You can buy the ferry ticket here.

The surreal moment is getting real when you waiting for ferry.

Let's ride the ferry. Can you spot Malaysian flag over there?

I usually scary of this but here, I can't take my eyes of this beautiful view. Take me back to Nami Island.

The view that I love so much..skies, sea and greeny things.. love love.

If you extreme people, you can ride the sky wire to go to Nami Island, I wanna try next time (oh god!, what kind of wishes is this!!)

Finally arrived at this beautiful island.

The Nami Island just like my forehead (upside down) position..ahhaa

My first mission when we arrived here is finding the Winter sonata statue and strolling around and see the beautiful view and breath the fresh air. 

The first kiss place for Winter Sonata.

Our Brunei friends, the girl that riding the bicycle.

I found it,yay!

I still can't believe I'm here except its not winter.

Our lunch time

Must have --> Kimchi..yummy!

After lunch, time for ice cream.. must try when you here.

For the first time in my life, I saw and touch apple tree.

Then, we went to the most exciting place around the island. I'm happy because I can see the leaves changing colors and pick up some of falling leaves..feel like autumn already.

The skies is so blue that day and I love it!

Oh my! oh my! I still can't believe what I already see last week. Previously, I just see this view on TV or any calendar and now, its in front of me. I touched the leaves just to make sure its wasn't dream.

No words can describe how beuatiful is this..almost fall

I feel wanna stay longer here.. 1 day trip is not enough. One day I will wake up in this island.

Oh my God~ I shared so much photos on this Nami Island post..hahaha
I hope you guys enjoy the photos and sorry for my "jakuness" over there..ahahhaa.
This place such a great place for wedding photoshoot and spend a good time with your special one. Now, I need to start the mission to find my very special one and go to here.

Stay tuned for next post.


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