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[Seoul,Korea] Namsan Tower,Seoul (Day 6)


Hello from Namsan Tower or also known as N Seoul Tower.

Finally, I'm here.. I've seen this places so many times in Korean drama, variety shows and Korean movie as well. From here, we can see the Seoul city from above and of course, make my wishes with the padlock. My wishes is .... ( my secret, I will reveal on my travel video soon).
Enjoy the photos.

Info :

This tower was opened in 1980 and its become tourist attraction and places where people can rest and exercise.And of course, put your padlock over here.

How to get here?

Take subway Line 4, stop at Myeong-dong station, exit 3. From there, find the Pacific Hotel then straight until you see the Namsan Cafe, walk straight and you'll see Namsan Cable car building.
If you still have energy, you can climb up the Namsan Mountain, which is good but quite tiring. But, I promise you'll love it too. But, I knew you'll choose cable car than climb the mountain/stairs.

My super comfortable sneakers. I'm sorry for meeting you very late.

Let's climb this. Ahjummas more fit than me here.

Cute coffee shop here.

Namsan cable car building.

First thing first, posing time..ahhaa

Time to posing to maximum.

Thanks you very read my blog and enjoy your holiday.


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