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Travel Diary : Namsangol Hanok Village (Day 2) | Wearing Hanbok

11 September 2015

Hi everyone~

As I'm writing my travel post after come back from Seoul make me feel a little sad because all I want now is going back there.But, the reality is here. Okay, let's check my my second day or first day exploration in Seoul. We choose to went to main attraction with less or no admission fee( Free) for the first day because we don't want to spend too much money on the beginning of our trip,save it for another places. At first,we planned to go to Buckhon Hanok Village but since our new roomates already went there and they said its better to go to Nansamgol Hanok village so we decided to go there because Bukchon Hanok village is residental area. My personal aim to be here is tried hanbok and take a lot of photos wearing it.

Info : 
Nansamgol Hanok vilaage is a collection of renovated traditional Korean houses. You can see the Namsan tower from here too. Here, you can experience a lot of programs such as traditional culture, traditional handicrafts and you can try Hanbok and do photoshoot too.
Hanbok wearing : KRW5,000( RM15+),no photographer.
Hanbok Photoshoot : KRW20,000 (RM60+) with their photographer.
How to get here : 
Take Subway train Line 4, stop at Chungmuro Station and take exit #3 or 4, walk 3 minutes.
Admission fee : 

Enjoy the photos.

The entrance.

I think they're workers of this Namsangol village because they wore maid handbok(if not mistaken)

They're the cutest.
Take picture with the huge jars

Traditional crafting

You also can visit the Namsan park here but its raining so we unable to explore it.

When the raining stop, we go explore the Namsangol village again.

Then, Hanbok wearing start

It's time for Hanbok wearing photos. A lot of photos..ahhaa

Now, its posing to maximum time..ahhaa

That's how we do it! :)

Behind the scenes..ahahaa

Selfie for sure..

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy the photos.

Don't forget to stay tuned to next post.

Thank you very much!

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