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[Seoul,Korea] Say Goodbye always the hardest | Seoul~KL

24 September 2015

Hi everyone~
Finally my travel diary in Seoul,Korea come to end but I feel I'm not ready to say goodbye to Korea yet. Up until today, I still thinking of that favorite city of mine. I feel so attached..ahahha, I mean it! I must go back there soon.
So, I wanna share my final thought of Korea during my vacation there.

First impression 

I love their airport, look so gorgeous!
 I feel surreal! I can't believe I'm landing at Incheon International Airport and visit Korea for the first time in my life, I even said this to my friend " Finally, we made it!, Thanks God!". My close friend and my family knew that I waiting for this moment for so long and I'm sure they knew what I feel. I don't want to be dramatic but I simply feel surreal because I love this country.

Super fast and convenience transportation
I love their subway. For me, its super fast and convenience plus sophisticated too because we can see the train update via apps.Korean people must thankful for this.

Apply my broken Korean Language
This is fun part during my travelling. I try recall back everything that I learned before( I did learn some Korean words before because I love their language) and some of it come out well and most of the time, its not come out very well but its OK.

Its dream come true ( YOU CAN MAKE YOURS COME TRUE TOO!)
Being able to visit Korea was my dream come true. Everyday I feel thankful for this chances in my life. And, I can't wait to show the pictures and tell the story to all my family members at my village. My mum did called me previous day and I'm excitedly tell her my story. I can't wait to going back and talk about my great trip with everyone especially my father. My father was my biggest reason for me wanna travel anywhere in the world. I wanna see the big world out there on behalf of him and share the story and picture with him because he still can't walk up until today. I really appreciate my legs and my energy to go everywhere. Maybe for some of you, you feel like you just can dream and it will never come true. You totally underestimate yourself. Every dream that you dream can become real when you willing to make it true.I honestly said, all the dream that come true not because of myself alone, there many people that contribute to make it happen.Thanks God for all wonderful people around me.

Every moment in Korea feel surreal
When  I wake up every morning in Korea for past 6 days, I feel thankful for the wonderful time.Seeing everything in Korea is like unreal for me but its REAL. Saying hello in Korean feel so good because I talk with real Korean people.

If Korea is matter for you, its matter for me too
I will never forget this words. I used to hear this word from someone that I used to love. Yes,Korea is really matter for me. I will never wanna die if I can't visit Korea for many times ( I become greedy now). I hate to say this but thanks for leaving me because that's make realized what I wanna do in my life and now, I'm living my dream life and start being "greedy" because I wanted everything.

Goodbye always the hardest to say
When I come back to KL, I feel so sad inside because its final day at Korea. I wanna stay there(if can) and if easy just like I wanted.But, I need to back to reality world.Personally, I hate goodbye because its hurt myself from the inside.But, I hope this is not goodbye to Korea.
I don't wanna say Goodbye to Korea now and I will go back there again with people that I love much.
Next, I will share my 10 things I learn about myself when travelling (solo & with friends). After that, I will move on to the another topic which I love to do (You know it, I guess?! ahhaa). If you have any comment, don't hesistate to write comment below.

Thanks for visit and read my blog.
Sorry for "eat up" your data with my too much photos.


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