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Travel diary : Seoul,Korea- My 7 day Itinerary

09 September 2015

Hi everyone~
Ahh..its time for me to share my Seoul itinerary and photos. Who excited? 
I must admit, I'm not good in explaining my itinerary but this time, I will try my best. If you have any question or comment, feel free to comment below.
Without further due, let's get started and I write in my own language (Kenyah language) for my Kenyah readers ( I hope they can understand my broken Kenyah language).
Selamat Petego toyang~
Ahh.. naaki masa ek ka "share" pengasat ek ka Seoul tidai re. Who excited? ( I don't know this in Kenyah). Oka bokai nta lote ake' mencam nyorat pengasat ek un tepo ake' akan coba oyan tega liwai ji. Nta ngena-ngena la a, let's get started!

This is my third vacation trip since I lived as working women. I usually went for a business trip so I don't count that as my vacation trip (hahaa..),I called it work-cation. My first vacation trip was Hong Kong with friends and my second vacation trip to Bandung,Indonesia with my sister and her friend for a shopping trip. If you want to see my first and second vacation trip, you can click on Travel diary tab and select the country.

#keriitletogoestokorea Itinerary & Budget

Budget : RM1500 ( Currency : KRW1,000 = RM3.65) *Honestly, not enough for shopaholic like me.
Flight ticket (KL- Incheon for 2-way) : RM666 +RM46( one way check-in bag)
Duration : 10/Sept~ 16/Sept 2015 (7 days, 2 travel days and 5 full days)
Accommodation fee : RM500+ (Book early for the lowest fee).
Address :  Eid Muslim Guesthouse,Itaewon ( 67-20,Usadon-ro 4-gil,Yongsan-gu,Itaewon,Seoul)
Facebook :
Overall budget : RM2666+

Day 1 - Touchdown Seoul

Departure day ( KLIA2~ Incheon International Airport) 
Incheon Airport ~ Guesthouse at Itaewon via Seoul subway
Check-in at Guesthouse
Walk around in Itaewon and eat dinner.

Day 2 - Traditional & Modern Seoul
Aim : Visit the tourist attraction places with less admission fee.

Aim : Feel like a winter.
Place 1 : Nami Island ( Whole day )
Place 2 : Plan to go to some attraction but we lost and tired so we went back to our guesthouse.

Day 4 - I'm a shopaholic, don't marry me!
Aim : Survey for cheapest shopping street but I accidentally shopping..haha
Place 1: Ewha Women University street * The best street for girls that loves Korean fashion like me.
Place 2 : Hongdae street * Lively street ever I was seen.

Day 5  - Taste of Korea.
Aim : Shop the souvenir for family, friends, colleagues and myself.
Place 1 : Insadong 
Place 2 : Gwangjang Market
Place 4 : Myeong-dong shopping street

Day 6 - Take me higher 
Aim : See the city from above and leisure time in the city.
Place 1 : Namsan Tower
Place 2 : Ewha Women University street * Our second time here..hahaha.

Aim : Arrive early at the airport.
Place : Incheon International airport

For more photo of each day or places, please click the day, it will go to link post.
I hope this can help for your trip to Seoul,Korea.
Or, I hope its already makes you excited for next travel destination. I love to travel because travel to another country can really make me trust in myself more than anybody, I can do it when I have the courage to do it.
Please feel free to share this with your friends or relative that always dreamed to travel to Seoul,Korea.
To achieve a dream, you need to know how to achieve it. Don't just wish, do it and work for it!

Special thanks to my travel companion - Ija ( Thanks for your companion and your ride from the airport).

Biggest thanks to Ijan and Najlaa for letting me go for this meaningful travel, thank you very much!

Thanks for reading.



  1. Ur welcome darl.. glad you have fun in Korea 😘😘😘

    1. Thanks Naj, I hope you'll go to Korea very soon :)


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