Travel Diary : Tips for first time traveller to Seoul,Korea | Touchdown Day(Day1)

10 September 2015

Hello everyone~
Its time for me to share my travel diary or vacation in Seoul,Korea. I will share about my experience,tips and photos as well. I still can't believe I just visited Seoul,Korea. Its feel unreal but its real.Now, I am in my room busy selecting the best photo to share with you guys and editing words in every of my travel post,it seems long process but I love it!If you want to know, this is the most exciting part in my life so far. Okay, get ready to feel tempted to go travel now so please click Continue read button for the tips and at the end of the post I shared some funny, unexpected story behind my departure day on 10.9.2015. 
Enjoy reading and the photos.

Tips for first-time traveller to Seoul,Korea

1. Divide your budget accordingly and wisely.
I didn't divide my budget accordingly during my trip due to my own misunderstand, so I end up use my credit card for some purchases. To avoid not enough money case,you should divide your budget into 5 categories which are;
i. Accommodations * Book in advance to avoid high price.
ii. Transportation ( T-money card)
iii. Eating ( Breakfast, lunch and dinner + street food) 
iv. Entrance fees to the attraction places
v.Shopping ( List what you want/need, to whom and how many)

2. Purchase T-money at convieniences store.
This is T-money card.
If you do not know what is T-money, don't worry! It's same as Touch and Go card in Malaysia but in Korea, we can use this T-money for almost all transportation (Subway, taxi and bus) also you can even purchase anything at convenience stores. You can purchase and reload the T-money card for the first time at convenience store like 7E. 
For my case, 
I buy the T-money card for  W5.000 ( RM15+)
Reload T-money  for W50,000 ( RM150)
Note : The T-money card no money, so need to reload it.
In case there balance after your trip in Korea, you can refund it at the convenience store, they will give you the balance of the T-money with the card (as a souvenir or use it next time).

3.Wear sneakers and bring backpack
I usually travel in my flat shoes as per above photo. This is my most comfortable shoes that I feel whenever I went travel but when in Korea, for the first day, my feet already feel tired so I need to buy sneakers because almost every day you need to walking, climbing (most of the area had the uphill or stairs) so be ready! For less hassle, you can bring your backpack whenever you travel. But, if you plan to shop, please bring another extra bags, maybe luggage..hahaha.

4. Download the Subway Korea Apps
iPhone Screenshot 1

This is the most useful apps when I'm in Korea. The apps name is Subway Korea. This app really make my life easier and smooth while I'm in Korea because I no need to check the big maps .You can download it from Google Play and Apple store. I put the link for both Google Play and Apple store as below;

5.Purchase wifi prepaid card
If you really need a wifi for updating your status and location in your social media or to find the location you want to visit, you can purchase the wifi card from convenience store. The name of the card is Olleh Card.The price is W9,900 for 4 days.
[update] This is not sim card,you need to scratch out the card to get the pin(the password of the wifi.Here are details how to use it;
i.Scratch the card (the silver box at the back of this)
ii.Go to your wifi and search for Olleh Wifi
iii. Once you select the Olleh wifi, it will direct you to the login page.
iv.Fill in your simple info and the pin number as well
v.enjoy the wifi services.

6. Learn simple Korean words
Luckily, I did learn some of the words like Hello, Goodbye, some numbers, how much, thank you ( mostly the basic one) but its really helps. So, before you go to Korea, make sure remember the basic words or numbers because mostly Imu/Ahjumma can't speak English.

Alright, time for overload you with our excited face before we boarding and exciting face after we landing in Seoul. Can't you believe I woke up at 3am just to go to the airport at 430am..I hope I can wake up like that every day..haha.

Thanks Ija for being one and only companion. Without you, I don't think I have a good time in Korea.

Our quick selfie after wakes up.

From Incheon Internation Airport, we take the Subway. For our case, we will stay at Itaewon, so we need to select the nearest station in Itaewon which is Itaewon station.
Incheon International Airport  > Gongdeok > Itaewon
Fee : W4,150(RM12+)
Our first transfer station,Gongdeok station.
This is how their subway station looks like,huge and organised.
Those stairs scared me every time..haha especially during peak time, can you imagine use those stairs..oh my~~
Here is their subway gate ( I don't know what the exact name)

Along the way, I able to see this view..just wow!

We arrived in Seoul around 430pm and we get away from the airport around 5pm, I just in love with Seoul immediately. I always love this city.When you spend your time in the subway, you feel so free whenever you see the skies.
This is our guesthouse living can see their facebook page by the search for Eid Muslim Guesthouse.
Our dorm.. we shared the room with other girls too.
Since we not familiar with this area,Itaewon so we ate our dinner at Eid Halal Restaurant.

And, I present my favourite spot and view from our guesthouse.Beautiful right?
Thanks for the read and enjoy my photos until the end.
Next, I will share my first day explore in Seoul and of course, I will share the tips and advice.



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