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Behind the scenes

Happy Sunday~
Few thing that really makes smile all day long nowadays is;
1. When some people ask me 'what is KERIITLETO?'
2. When some people ask me, your real name is KERIITLETO?
3.When some of my friend introduce me to her friends and they recognized me as KERIITLETO on blog.
I'm totally happy with that and at the same time, I'm trying to answer their question but I know, still very long to go for KERIITLETO and me.
Quick update about my outfit today. I wore my favorite white blouse for this moment with blue jeans and sneakers. I love my sneakers. Simple and easy yet comfortable. I hope you enjoy the photos and feel inspired on your next outfit.
All few thing that I mentioned above really make me want to work harder for KERIITLETO, my uncertain dream of mine but I believe 'Nothing impossible when I surrender everything in GOD hands'. I can't tell what I want to achieve in this dream because I want action speak louder than words, I don't want to just bluffing but never do it.
 As everyone know, to achieve the great thing in this life is not easy as you think and its cannot to achieve just a overnight but its a long journey.There's time you feel so energetic,passionate and excited about everything and there will be time you feel like wanna give up, stop doing it but when this time come to me, I always remind myself " If I give up now, actually I don't want this at the first place, I'm wasting my time after all'. I am no quitter for my sake of big dream.
 Now, one of my biggest goal is to make more people know about KERIITLETO, follow along this uncertain journey and feel inspired to do what you love in their own life too.  My behind the scenes of KERIITLETO is not good as on my photo. To do blogging, I have to balance my main job and my KERIITLETO even though I don't make any money from it. Sometime, I need to sleep just 4hours/day to learn how to improve KERIITLETO especially my photography skills, wedding planner for friends and how to improve my article.The progress is slow but I will keep doing it until I make it.

 Not every photo is perfect.ahhaa
 I love empty road..ahhahaa

For now, I am enjoying my journey to make KERIITLETO as one platform that can help many people someday and to become one of platform for KENYAH girl that have big dream in their life.This journey going to be long but I can promise, I will never give up! So, no matter what you wanna do in this life, do it passionately and never forget God is above all the big dream of yours.
Can I ask something, what's your biggest dream?
and another one, what you want to see more in KERIITLETO?

p.s : I'm sorry for not writing in Kenyah language again..its getting harder.But, I will try my best next time.

Thanks and God bless,


The KERIITLETO- Advice from younger me

This word makes me feel stronger, feel better about myself and makes me dare to dream big every day.If you're first time here, KERIITLETO means young girl, everyone is young once, right? . For details about it, you can check my ABOUT page.
If I could talk to younger version of me,there so many thing I wanted to say to her. I wanted to thank her for being braver,stronger and think wise, and I wanted to continue to be the same and with some improvement. Everyday I learn to improve myself for the better version of me. I am consider myself as big sister now so I hope the advise from younger version of me can be one of your guidance in your life.I try to write better but I don't know how, I need to improve on this,right? 
1. I am blessed
When you look around, you have everything and there people love you. You're blessed!
2. I am beautiful
 You may feel fat as pig, your face is more round than watermelon but you're beautiful.I always feel not beautiful and I'm tired of that so what can I do now is accept myself and if I want change my appearance, I can always makes change.
3. I am stronger
 No matter what happen, you're stronger than you think. When you feel weakest, you can always find your friends.
4. I am braver than I ever know
Be braver to take path that never explore before and learn from it.
5. Dare to dream and work hard toward it
I am a dreamer but not the one that sleep all day long. Work for your dream because dream doesn't come free.
 6. You can do it!
You can do any dream that you always wanted. All you need is determination and stratergy ( I'm working hard on this everyday).
7. Believe in yourself..always!
Believe in yourself and never let anyone make you feel bad about you.You are the one that in charge in your life.
8. Never give up!
Never ever give up! If you give up,you don't want to do it at first place.
And, most importantly, be a woman of God. 
Believe in God for your whole heart.
Of course, we are AWESOME~
 Sending love from Keriitleto!

Last but not least, I hope this post make you feel encouraged and feel good about your life.
Thank for visit and read my blog.
Don't feel discourage about your life today because there will good day tomorrow!

Thanks and love,


THEFACESHOP- CC Cushion Intense Cover Review

Hi there,good day~
To be honest, I am not really beauty junkies because I don't know how to use it properly. I just know apply toner, rarely know how to apply foundation, always do mistake(my friend always tell to wipe the extra foundation..ahha). I don't really expert on how to use all beauty products that ever existed in this world. I always try to find product that easy to apply, that will make me satisfy with result and good for my skin for sure.
I've been fan of THEFACESHOP brand this past 2 years(if not mistaken). All my beauty product is from this brand.I tried some brand before but I don't feel comfortable with it and this brand so far not let me down.
Before I went to Korea last September, I tried one new product from THEFACESHOP which is Cushion Screen Cell,its a cushion foundation ( I feel like its same with compact powder concept).
 I quite satisfy with result.But, when  I went to Korea and I want to stock up my THEFACESHOP product, the salesgirl introduce me to the CC Cushion Intenese Cover and she told me this is the latest version of the Cushion Screen Cell and its BETTER than before.
Its HIGH Coverage+brightening +SPF50++Long lasting+blossom skin.
Since she really good at explain at me, I bought one it. After one month use this product, I feel like I finally find the ONE for me..ahhaa, I will stick with it.
For mine, I choose the Natural Beige (V203).
This is how it look inside.
 On the left is the previous version and the right one is the latest version of this CC cushion.
2.How to apply?
Just dab on your face like you use the compact powder.
Usually, I apply the compact powder after the CC cushion to set it.

 3.Tips :
When apply compact powder on your face, just dab it.
 4. Before and After
When do the review, we always wanted to see the before and after right? So, here is before and after use the CC cushion intense cover.

Where to buy it?
1. You can visit THEFACESHOP flag store nationwide.
2.You can visit their website,
3.You can search from Google and find the cheapest deal.

If you fan of K-beauty then you should try this. Its worth it!
Thank you for visit and read my blog.


Special Kenyah food for #badengmalaya gathering | My top 5 favorite

Happy Monday~
Hope everyone have a great day so far. No Monday blues.
Last weekend, after my work, I went to Cheras for our Badeng Malaya gathering.This is the gathering among all the Kenyah people around here and when Kenyah people meet, then we must eat our favorite food like tung ubi,suk buluk,paap babui,lia akau, anye and so on. I love Kenyah food and now, I want to make everyone feel hungryyy!!
Selamat tau senin~
Ake' arap tepat un tau tega tuwi. Nta leko-leko teka.
Tau nem tidai re, lepa ulik cung aba, ake' tai petebulung ngan Kenyah lepu ilu ka Cheras te. Mung Kenyah de kine tai tegu dalau ji, pemung mana ngan maap bana re. Oka pemung mana ke aang Kenyah, mung pengoman de ake' alek oman ka oma' te un oka meka, un tung ubi,un suk buluk, lia akau, paap babui,anye ngan kaduk la a. Ake' atek obak oman pengoman Kenyah ngan nak ki, tega pe tega nyeluk eba ka ta ikem.hahhaha

Ji sey kena du ka boka.Sebayang kena oman..hehe
This is our food before we start eating. Pray before eat..hehe

No.1 : Tung ubi 
I don't know how to translate it,so just call it Tung Ubi.My favorite since I small. This one really great! I can eat this with white rice only,supperrr yummy!

Close up..uh mouth watering right now.
 2.Pork meat
How can I say no to this one?I always love this. This one great with Lia kicap or just lia akau..
 Oh to resist this..Sorry my muslim friends..

 No.3 Te Naie ( I don't know if I spell this correctly)
This also wonderful but its sometimes depends on how expert you are when cook this one. It tend to smelly when you don't know how to cook it.My mother one is the greatest!

 No.4 : Suk Buluk
I used to eat this whenever there nothing in our kitchen.Nowadays, I rarely cook on my own and I miss to cook this one.

No.5 ; Paku
When I'm still living in my village, we can take this 'paku' easily at our kebun or even tebing sungai.No need buy anything.

Okay, I won't talk anymore..because I feel super hungry now..argghhh
 Thankful for this many food,thank you God!
 The reason I getting bigger is I don't want to waste any food and I'm super lazy to exercise.haha
For the dessert, this is modern bung kampung..

Last but not least,our fun photo during our gathering.

 Thanks for visit and enjoy my photos.