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Behind the scenes

25 October 2015

Happy Sunday~
Few thing that really makes smile all day long nowadays is;
1. When some people ask me 'what is KERIITLETO?'
2. When some people ask me, your real name is KERIITLETO?
3.When some of my friend introduce me to her friends and they recognized me as KERIITLETO on blog.
I'm totally happy with that and at the same time, I'm trying to answer their question but I know, still very long to go for KERIITLETO and me.
Quick update about my outfit today. I wore my favorite white blouse for this moment with blue jeans and sneakers. I love my sneakers. Simple and easy yet comfortable. I hope you enjoy the photos and feel inspired on your next outfit.
All few thing that I mentioned above really make me want to work harder for KERIITLETO, my uncertain dream of mine but I believe 'Nothing impossible when I surrender everything in GOD hands'. I can't tell what I want to achieve in this dream because I want action speak louder than words, I don't want to just bluffing but never do it.
 As everyone know, to achieve the great thing in this life is not easy as you think and its cannot to achieve just a overnight but its a long journey.There's time you feel so energetic,passionate and excited about everything and there will be time you feel like wanna give up, stop doing it but when this time come to me, I always remind myself " If I give up now, actually I don't want this at the first place, I'm wasting my time after all'. I am no quitter for my sake of big dream.
 Now, one of my biggest goal is to make more people know about KERIITLETO, follow along this uncertain journey and feel inspired to do what you love in their own life too.  My behind the scenes of KERIITLETO is not good as on my photo. To do blogging, I have to balance my main job and my KERIITLETO even though I don't make any money from it. Sometime, I need to sleep just 4hours/day to learn how to improve KERIITLETO especially my photography skills, wedding planner for friends and how to improve my article.The progress is slow but I will keep doing it until I make it.

 Not every photo is perfect.ahhaa
 I love empty road..ahhahaa

For now, I am enjoying my journey to make KERIITLETO as one platform that can help many people someday and to become one of platform for KENYAH girl that have big dream in their life.This journey going to be long but I can promise, I will never give up! So, no matter what you wanna do in this life, do it passionately and never forget God is above all the big dream of yours.
Can I ask something, what's your biggest dream?
and another one, what you want to see more in KERIITLETO?

p.s : I'm sorry for not writing in Kenyah language again..its getting harder.But, I will try my best next time.

Thanks and God bless,

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