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Brave,Honest & beautiful | Burgundy & nude

18 October 2015

Happy Sunday~
Its time for outfit diary.I finally able to wearing my long burgundy cardigan,yay!.The weather quite hot nowadays plus the haze is here again, which mean bad and super bad but today, I don't really care anymore, I wear it for indoor event so it will be just right. If you realize, I rarely do outfit diary now, I feel bad about this. I miss do outfit shooting. I stopped for awhile now due to haze.For me, health is more important now so, I hope you don't mind..ehhe.
Everyday I feel thankful for this life because I can wear clothes that I love, eat nice food, giving back to my community and I got my parent that love me unconditionally, not to forget my best friend, ,my sister and brother, I love my life.
If you feel down or in hardest situation today, I hope for this moment, pray to God and ask for help,He never abandon you no matter what. Whatever you religion, you can always pray to God to be stronger.You can do this.Don't give up.
Whatever situation in this life, be brave to take path that you never go if you wanted something that you never have.Be honest in everything you do, in your work, your prayer and your love.And, don't forget to always feel beautiful no matter how big your size are, no matter how round is your face,you're beautiful!
Finally, to all Keriitleto that read this articel today "Be brave, honest and beautiful,be stronger, Keriitleto!"


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