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Kenyah Food : Pegut Timun

Hi everyone~
Another Kenyah food post and this one is my favorite during hot day.We called it 'pegut timun'. Usually we eat this during the harvest time because we grow it during the 'nogan' time. I still remember my moment eating this in the middle of super hot 'oma(Padi bukit) and its make me feel refreshing and cool down myself.
How to make this?
1. Cut the cucumber into 2 part like below.
2.'megut' the cucumber using spoon * I'm not sure what 'megut' in English.
3.Put a little sugar and plain water (if you like) and eat it!


Usually I like to eat this pegut timun with the seed because its make it feel so original ( I don't know why). What about you?
or if you first time seeing this, do you feel wanna try this food?

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