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#keriitletokitchen: Cara-cara membuat selukung by my mum


One of our MUST have during any festive or big event in our village, its 'selukung'. Its same as 'Ketupat' because we use the 'beras pulut' as the main ingredient. I love to eat selukung with 'tung ubi', one of our traditional food too, we will talk about that soon.I love to see my mum make this and I did learn how to make it but I never successful to make one.But, I will try again next time.For now, let's check the photo of this 'selukung' and how my mum make it ( with picture) and this make me craving for it.

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3

Step 4

The great women behind this great food. I love her cook ( who doesn't love your mum cook,right?). Sometime, I get worried because I'm cannot cook very well, I am worried if I ever get married and I don't know how to cook great meals, my future family will starving I should start to learn passionately now(hehee). Mum cook always the best and I miss her so bad now..
The finish result but uncooked
This one ready to eat.
For every ethnic they must have their own unique food and for Kenyah people like me, one of our food is selukung. I wanna discover all the unique food of Kenyah, learn how to make it and document it on my blog and of course, sharing it with everyone. I feel like I need to continue to make that unique food and inherit it to the younger generation.
Pala' Keriitleto, ayen leko mana asak lepu ilu.

Tega tawai,


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