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Simple things | Denim skirt

Hi everyone~
Its time for the outfit Sunday..
I wore this denim skirt with my stripped shirt today and this is spontaneous pairing. I usually plan what I wear the next day but this one, I never plan for it and I'm happy its matching(haha). 
Oh ya!, today is my fourth sister's birthday. Happy Birthday to my lovely sister.I love you, muahhh..
This year, if you realized, most of my outfits just in black,blue,grey,white(everything is basic color). I love basic color because that color makes me feel great whenever I wore them. As I grow older, I love being simple whether in my dress code and I hope I can be simple in my life too ( but sometime I make it complicated!).I read somewhere said " Do you like me?, and the answer is " No" and finish story. I love being like it but it ain't easy as I think. I can't control people mind and what they think of me.But, I don't really care about what people think of me. I trying to less care about what people will think of me if I'm doing this and that because nobody really care about you actually.So, do what you like and make your best on it.

Thank you for reading.

Best regards,

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