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The KERIITLETO- Advice from younger me


This word makes me feel stronger, feel better about myself and makes me dare to dream big every day.If you're first time here, KERIITLETO means young girl, everyone is young once, right? . For details about it, you can check my ABOUT page.
If I could talk to younger version of me,there so many thing I wanted to say to her. I wanted to thank her for being braver,stronger and think wise, and I wanted to continue to be the same and with some improvement. Everyday I learn to improve myself for the better version of me. I am consider myself as big sister now so I hope the advise from younger version of me can be one of your guidance in your life.I try to write better but I don't know how, I need to improve on this,right? 
1. I am blessed
When you look around, you have everything and there people love you. You're blessed!
2. I am beautiful
 You may feel fat as pig, your face is more round than watermelon but you're beautiful.I always feel not beautiful and I'm tired of that so what can I do now is accept myself and if I want change my appearance, I can always makes change.
3. I am stronger
 No matter what happen, you're stronger than you think. When you feel weakest, you can always find your friends.
4. I am braver than I ever know
Be braver to take path that never explore before and learn from it.
5. Dare to dream and work hard toward it
I am a dreamer but not the one that sleep all day long. Work for your dream because dream doesn't come free.
 6. You can do it!
You can do any dream that you always wanted. All you need is determination and stratergy ( I'm working hard on this everyday).
7. Believe in yourself..always!
Believe in yourself and never let anyone make you feel bad about you.You are the one that in charge in your life.
8. Never give up!
Never ever give up! If you give up,you don't want to do it at first place.
And, most importantly, be a woman of God. 
Believe in God for your whole heart.
Of course, we are AWESOME~
 Sending love from Keriitleto!

Last but not least, I hope this post make you feel encouraged and feel good about your life.
Thank for visit and read my blog.
Don't feel discourage about your life today because there will good day tomorrow!

Thanks and love,

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