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THEFACESHOP- CC Cushion Intense Cover Review

Hi there,good day~
To be honest, I am not really beauty junkies because I don't know how to use it properly. I just know apply toner, rarely know how to apply foundation, always do mistake(my friend always tell to wipe the extra foundation..ahha). I don't really expert on how to use all beauty products that ever existed in this world. I always try to find product that easy to apply, that will make me satisfy with result and good for my skin for sure.
I've been fan of THEFACESHOP brand this past 2 years(if not mistaken). All my beauty product is from this brand.I tried some brand before but I don't feel comfortable with it and this brand so far not let me down.
Before I went to Korea last September, I tried one new product from THEFACESHOP which is Cushion Screen Cell,its a cushion foundation ( I feel like its same with compact powder concept).
 I quite satisfy with result.But, when  I went to Korea and I want to stock up my THEFACESHOP product, the salesgirl introduce me to the CC Cushion Intenese Cover and she told me this is the latest version of the Cushion Screen Cell and its BETTER than before.
Its HIGH Coverage+brightening +SPF50++Long lasting+blossom skin.
Since she really good at explain at me, I bought one it. After one month use this product, I feel like I finally find the ONE for me..ahhaa, I will stick with it.
For mine, I choose the Natural Beige (V203).
This is how it look inside.
 On the left is the previous version and the right one is the latest version of this CC cushion.
2.How to apply?
Just dab on your face like you use the compact powder.
Usually, I apply the compact powder after the CC cushion to set it.

 3.Tips :
When apply compact powder on your face, just dab it.
 4. Before and After
When do the review, we always wanted to see the before and after right? So, here is before and after use the CC cushion intense cover.

Where to buy it?
1. You can visit THEFACESHOP flag store nationwide.
2.You can visit their website,
3.You can search from Google and find the cheapest deal.

If you fan of K-beauty then you should try this. Its worth it!
Thank you for visit and read my blog.

4 comments on "THEFACESHOP- CC Cushion Intense Cover Review"
  1. Can i ask about this cushion coverage??
    Is it high or not??
    Thank you :)

    1. Yes, its high coverage but its depend on how much you apply too.
      I hope I answer your question :)

  2. it's suitable for oily skin?

    1. Hi Siti Rachayu,
      Sorry for my very late feedback.
      Its depends too, if too oily I don't think its suitable.
      You can find details here;
      I hope I help.
      Thanks for comment and visit my blog.


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