Today, I'm celebrating my 10 years anniversary after my 17 or less complicated way, today is my 27th birthday(obviously from my photos..hehe).I love to called it 10 years anniversary after 17 because 17+10 = 27 right?. Or its make you guys confused? Sorry if you confused. So, I think it’s the best time to reflect myself after these 10 years. 

10 years after my sweet 17,what did I learned?

30 November 2015

Hello guys!
First of all, I'm sorry for fooling around today with my post title, my new hair color.? I wish I can dye my hair like that. The grey hair is awesome! right? I never tried other color on my hair beside light brown and black, such a boring life right? I wanna do something shocking but my work appearance not allowed to do so, so I just follow the rules. Here is my current hair color.. I know, its messy and messier..ahaha but this is the longest hair I ever have in my life so that why I need to take photos of it even though I do that everyday..ahaha

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My new hair color?..

26 November 2015

Basic color on my blog as expected.
Grey and black combo again. I own too much black and gray and I like it. I never get boring with this two color. Some people said, my color is boring but I don't feel that way.And, that gorgeous black handbag is my early birthday present. My birthday will be on next Monday and I already bought the gift for myself, how rude Aya!hahaha..
This time I shared 2 look of this shirtdress.
And, don't forget to read about my unknown journey below.

First look : Simple look 
This is the usual style of mine..
 My sweaty back, I need to climb to reach to this location but that doesn't matter.
I don't know why I always pose with this face??hahhaha.. this is begging face I think..ahhahaa

Second look  : Formal look
Add your black blazer. I got this blazer from my housemate, thanks Gen!

Which one look you like the most?

 There's story behind that process of buying that bag. You want to hear it? ahhaha. I make it short, this bag really make me appreciate what I got in my life for this moment.Being single on your 27 years old is never easy, there will be always doubt and emotional struggle and there moment, I doubt do God ever heard my prayers? hahaha but I know, God will give the best person in my life at the right time.
the good being single on this age is I can do and buy whatever I feel I want and which I can afford it. I feel proud of myself when I can bought something great for myself using my own money.

November is always the special month in my life and this year, its become super special as I decided to involved actively in our church youth community. I know, its my church thing but I can't stop myself sharing the good news here. Previously, I didn't involved actively due to my commitment on my KERIITLETO and maybe that's the time God prepared me for this unknown journey. There so much thing I learned during my journey of the making of  KERIITLETO, I learned so much on creative art and I'm love this journey. What I really wanted to do in KERIITLETO is I wanted it become inspiration for no matter what age you are to work harder, dream bigger and never give up on their day dream and at the same time, always remember that God is above all that bigger dream. I always prayed that I can use my talent to glorify God's name, I don't have natural talent but I work harder to develop the talent and still keep improve on it now . I always believe, you don't need natural talent to make something work in your life, whats matter is work harder to make you talented. Work harder > talent. 
I will work harder for this commitment and I will do the best for God. Never give up!
And, I'm thankful as God always prepare something unexpected in my life.
Thank you for everyone that trust on me. 

"Be thankful for what you have now,
and keep fighting for what you want to be tomorrow"


[outfit] The unknown journey

25 November 2015

"Women who wear black live colorful lives." —Neiman Marcus on black: I'm totally agree with statement above..hehe.
I know you get tired of seeing myself with my outfit diary, so let's your eyes take a break from my posing and here is some all black outfit inspiration. My total weakness is all black outfit. I love basic color especially black, gray, white and brown. When I wore black, I feel confident and feel good about myself.Maybe because in black outfit I look thinner..ahhaha.So, here is some of my favorite look of all black outfit for my inspiration for next outfit post. Cos turtleneck, stella nova pants, maanii bag, cheap monday sunnies:
This lady look cool over here. Love this style..

We're still waiting on fall over here in LA. But for now here is the fall look I'm looking forward to. I'm not a sporty girl at all but I love the looks I've been seeing with neutral colored coats paired with sneakers. Sporty Chic by flowersandfolk featuring a black velvet top Here are some looks done well.:
Again.. I wished I live in the four season country so I can wear beanie and long coat..oh man!!
.I like this look. Although, by this little honey's body language - she don't wanna have nuthin ta do with much 'o nobody.:

I think this outfit look so lady boss and I love to be lady boss one day..Amen!! ahahha

Leather jacket, perfecto, black dress and white basket:
When combine black and sneakers, I will never say no.

A Furry Cardigan, Distressed Jeans, and Loafers. Love!:
This stylish girl I admire the most among the blogger I like. Her style so simple yet stylish, love it!

All Black, Pop Of White Sporty Outfit by TrendyTaste. Do the same but with blue shoes and need blazer:

Her hair is one point. That messy hair makes me feel wanna have messy hair for tomorrow.haha

And, you can see how much I like black on previous outfit post..ahhaha, I'm totally love black.Funny enough to see my early this year photos..ahhaha

Oh my God! why do I posing like this..ahhahahhhaa

Oh God, please save this girl...ahahhaha

What??!! Why do I pose like this...ahahhaaaa

And this sexier black dress make appreance here..posing is too awkward!

I love this but my hair look sloopy

The confident lady try to do her best posing...ahhaha

Seeing my old photos ( I took that photo early this year but why do I laugh at it and I can't believe I do that..ahah) but its okay, I'm improving in everything.

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I hope you feel inspired and see ya next time.


All black outfit inspirations

24 November 2015

There’s story behind my outfit photos this time.I wait for weather to become a bit gray so its look appropriate for me to wear this long cardigan..haha. And, its totally worth my time because the weather turn gray after wait for 30 minutes under the tree..ahha. I know, its sound crazeh! I love doing crazeh stuff..ahaha. The moral of my waiting time is sometime we need to wait patiently for something great and never rush.
Especially to every girl, when you're over 25 years old and not get married yet and people start asking the golden question but I'm 27 years old this year, I'm doing fine so far, still patiently waiting for God to answer my prayers and at the same time, I'm busy doing stuff I love. One thing I can share from my experience so far is " Don't focus on when I can get married but focus on how to make yourself capable for that big event in your life, focus on being the great version of yourself, so you can together become great".
Okay, back to outfits.
This long cardigan really makes me wish I can spend my life at four season country,at least chilly weather country because I love to wear many layers of clothes but, since our country is not four season country so I just do layering when raining season..haha. Here, I wearing my long cardigan with my shirtdress.This look is great for casual night out with friends during rainy day..ahaha and talk over coffee or hot soup.
Thanks for reading my blog.
I feel Christmas when I look on my shirtdress.hahaha

Thanks for visit and read my blog.
Before I end post today, as a your big sister, I have to say this ;
" Never stop improve yourself everyday, do whatever you love and make sure you become the best on it, stay humble and be good to everyone that you met but most of all, always remember, God is above all, never ignore Him while you dream big".

See ya next time.


[outfit] Never stop

23 November 2015

Finally, after my long personal break,
I'm back with my own outfit photoshoot using my boy(tripod & camera),they got to work again after so long. I didn't remember when the last time I do this crazeh stuff..ahhaha, such a very long time.Being my own photographer is such a fun and weird at the same time.When I do my own photoshoot, people passing by look at me with the weird eyes but I will give them my sweetest smile ever..ahha
For the outfit, I pairing my trusty denim shirt with my shirtdress. This look for casual day out with friend or run your errands.


[outfit] Back on track

22 November 2015

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