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[outfit] Be better than yesterday

02 November 2015

Hi there~
Hope you have a great day wherever you right now. Thanks for visit my blog.
This post was inspired from my little brother' story. There two story actually but one of the story its too personal to share here but one of the story can be share, I don't ask his permission but I will let him know later(hehe). My brother decided to quit smoking and its almost one month now. I'm so happy to hear that because I am worry about his health and its not good thing to do in his life and I'm proud he finally have courage to leave that habit. I hope he can completely leave it and never go there again. I think that is one perfect example of my topic today.As a human, we are not perfect. We did mistakes, sometime terrible mistake in our life but one thing that we need to remember, we always have a new day, don't ever let your past mistake prevent you to be better. I'm not a perfect person, I did mistake in my life and that mistake makes me learn. The key is willing to admit the mistake, ask forgiveness and move on as better person, never look back.
On my side,there many thing I want to be better. I am not aim for perfect but I want to help people be better too, you can do it too. One of it is the way I dress up, I love clothing so of course, I want to improve myself on this.ahahah. I always believe, the way you dress up is reflection of you.I'm not sure how to related this post with my outfit..haha but what can I say is wear what makes you feel better, confident and comfortable, don't try to be someone else, be you and for me, this minimal style is truly me, nothing fancy, just usual style.
Here, I wore my must have in little closet, the grey long cardigan, the striped shirt, blue jeans and of course the white sneakers.This bag always remind me of my mum, she love this kind of bag.

Thanks for visit my blog!
Hope you like the post, I am still not sure how to write the better article and related to my outfit..sorry for that.
Have a nice day :)


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