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[photography] Irene's convocation day | Dream do come true


Hi there~
Today post is quite special because I make this post for my friend, Irene. She graduated from her Master yesterday and I'm very proud of her.Since I cannot attend her convocation, so I write special post for her.
If you read this Irene, CONGRATULATIONS and the dream come true. And, thank you for giving me opportunity to improve myself on the thing I love.
Everyone have their own dream right?
What’s your dream?

If you frequent visitor on my blog,you already read many times about dream related article.
I love to dream, I work hard to make my dream come true and I love to cried by myself when my dream come true. But, I'm not just cried on my own, after I cried,I'll sings my favorite songs to God and feel thankful and blessed. nothing can beat that feeling. I’m quite cry baby person.I cried a lot on my own, I don’t like cry in front of other (if can) because I feel weak if I cry like that.But, I can cry as much as I can on my own.
Okay enough about that cry thing, let's enjoy my friend's convocation shoot.
Photographer: Yours truly ( Keriitleto Photography)

Thanks for visit my blog.
If you love to do photoshoot, let me know so I can help you for your next big day..ahhaa


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