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[photography] : Expecting

08 November 2015

Hi there~
Happy Sunday.
As I write this post, I am currently in Penang. Our family expecting for new baby, ANYTIME now. I'm super excited and I hope I can witness the great moment.So, before our little "nugget" come out, I ask my sister's and her family whether I can do the maternity/family photoshoot or not and I'm glad they willing to do so. For the record, this is my first time doing maternity photoshoot and I glad I do it for my sister's family.There so many thing I learned during this photoshoot,start from how to find the light, posing, the model condition and more.And, I hope I can improve my skills and knowledge for future shooting. So, without further due, please enjoy the super special photos and please bring my sister and our little "nugget" in your prayers so they will be okay during the delivery process.

 The glowing mummy..

 Dear little nugget, we come photoshoot here.

 This little man will be big brother anytime from now.

 God bless your family.

 I feel wanna cry when see this photos.That why I love taking photos of people life moment.
 Super excited big brother to be..ahhaha.
Next photoshoot location is Port Cornwallis,Penang. I love the view here but super windy..

 God bless your marriage,sister and bro in law!
 Thanks to my little man for capturing me and my lovely sister.

As I write this post my sister not yet go to hospital, we are waiting for the moment now. But, she already feel the symptoms to deliver..ahahhhaa.

Thanks for visit and read my blog!
Happy Sunday from Penang :)


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