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[outfit] Go far, go together!

Hi from Penang~
I have mixed feeling when I'm here, I am sad and feel happy at the same time but as per usual, I choose to be happy, no point to be sad in this beautiful place.And, of course I won't waste this beautiful backdrop for my outfit diary shooting.Even though I'm not exploring the city very well this time due to my sister's pregnacy but I feel good being here. I feel FREE and I can't wait to visit this city another time, bring my favorite outfits and do outfit shooting in every corner..ahaha. For now, enjoy my outfit shoot at Port Cornwallis,Penang.
Of course this pose included..
Look at that building at my back..I can't wait to be here again and do my photoshoot..ahhaha

This is the best pose from him..ahhaa, this is the price of being nephew to Aunty Paya..ahha, more to come soon..hehe

The real happiness is spending your little time with people that you loved.

What I love about my hobby is I witness the happiness in people life and I am thankful I can captured it. I hope one day I will be able expert on this and make people appreciate life as much as I appreciate mine.
This little man growing up so fast and this makes me wonder, am I old enough now?hahahha.. I feel grateful he growing up healthy and good boy.
I thought I am the happiest when I travel around the world on my own, but when I have a chance to see beautiful places in this world with people that I loved, I knew that my happiness is not complete yet. I remember one qoute 
" If you want to go fast,go alone. If you want to go far, go together".

I can believe I will do this pose with my little nephew..hahaa, next time I will do it with all my nephews. We love sneakers.

Thanks for visit and read my blog.
Next, I will share about my great time in Penang with my little nephews.

See ya,
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