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Little Demma

Last week was full of blessing in my life and my family too. 
On 13/November/2015,
my sister's family welcome their FIRST BABY GIRL!
and my cousin's wife also deliver their baby boy.
This crazeh Aunt is the most excited..hahha. That's me!!ahhaha..
There so many reason why we're ( or me to be specific) so excited and blessed is;

1. She is the only baby girl in our family( for this moment..ahha)
2.We excited to naming her as Demma.
Dema is one of meaningful Kenyah words that I ever heard. Demma/Dema mean light/sunrise.She is the light/sunshine/sunrise.
3. God answered our prayers 
I believe in prayers. No matter how world tell you what will happen, your sincere prayers will change all that. I believe in that.
4.Finally I will have little girlfriend..ehhee
- I hope my sister don't mind..ahahha
my nephews and NEW niece is best blessing in our life.
You guys is our bundle of joy.

THANK YOU GOD for the blessings!
I can't wait to meet her in real life now.
But, I need to be patient and calm..ahhaha

Dear my sister,
Thanks for give us angel and God really answer our prayers. I hope you'll be healthy always.
I'm sorry for not being there for you and take care of your new baby and of course, our little boy and for sure, your family.
God bless you and your family.

Dear Demma,
I hope one day you will read this post and I hope you feel happy about it. You're our angel and blessings. You're our first baby girl and your over excited Aunt decided to write one post about you here and I can't wait to see you.

Thanks for read my excited or over excited post..
Your Aunt

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