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[outfit] The unknown journey

Basic color on my blog as expected.
Grey and black combo again. I own too much black and gray and I like it. I never get boring with this two color. Some people said, my color is boring but I don't feel that way.And, that gorgeous black handbag is my early birthday present. My birthday will be on next Monday and I already bought the gift for myself, how rude Aya!hahaha..
This time I shared 2 look of this shirtdress.
And, don't forget to read about my unknown journey below.

First look : Simple look 
This is the usual style of mine..
 My sweaty back, I need to climb to reach to this location but that doesn't matter.
I don't know why I always pose with this face??hahhaha.. this is begging face I think..ahhahaa

Second look  : Formal look
Add your black blazer. I got this blazer from my housemate, thanks Gen!

Which one look you like the most?

 There's story behind that process of buying that bag. You want to hear it? ahhaha. I make it short, this bag really make me appreciate what I got in my life for this moment.Being single on your 27 years old is never easy, there will be always doubt and emotional struggle and there moment, I doubt do God ever heard my prayers? hahaha but I know, God will give the best person in my life at the right time.
the good being single on this age is I can do and buy whatever I feel I want and which I can afford it. I feel proud of myself when I can bought something great for myself using my own money.

November is always the special month in my life and this year, its become super special as I decided to involved actively in our church youth community. I know, its my church thing but I can't stop myself sharing the good news here. Previously, I didn't involved actively due to my commitment on my KERIITLETO and maybe that's the time God prepared me for this unknown journey. There so much thing I learned during my journey of the making of  KERIITLETO, I learned so much on creative art and I'm love this journey. What I really wanted to do in KERIITLETO is I wanted it become inspiration for no matter what age you are to work harder, dream bigger and never give up on their day dream and at the same time, always remember that God is above all that bigger dream. I always prayed that I can use my talent to glorify God's name, I don't have natural talent but I work harder to develop the talent and still keep improve on it now . I always believe, you don't need natural talent to make something work in your life, whats matter is work harder to make you talented. Work harder > talent. 
I will work harder for this commitment and I will do the best for God. Never give up!
And, I'm thankful as God always prepare something unexpected in my life.
Thank you for everyone that trust on me. 

"Be thankful for what you have now,
and keep fighting for what you want to be tomorrow"


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