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[Penang,Malaysia] More than the dream I had

14 November 2015

Hi there~
Thanks for visit my blog again. I'm already back from Penang.
 I enjoying my short trip there and I'm having so much fun at the Interactive museum,Penang (I heard so much about this before) with my little nephew(not so little now..ahah). I love to see he running around and ask me to take his photos, follow the pose, seeing him smile and having a good time. It most wonderful thing I ever see other than see the beautiful buildings at London or beautiful blue skies and I plan to bring another 3 nephews to special place next time.
Sometime, when I look at my nephew, I wondering whether my life is on track? or did I just miss something? I'm getting old but still by myself..ahhaaa but I love being like this, it doesn't mean I don't wanna accept anyone in my life but I'm busy with my life..ahhaha. I work hard to make my dream come true because that's matter the most for me.I hope I can make it and get what I want and make everyone dream come true.Sound big right?ahahha, I will do my best until I make it! DO IT,MAKE IT AND REPEAT! but for now, all I can say is this memories is more than the dream I have in my life.

Sometime I'm over emotional when come to my nephews. I feel wanna cry when see they tie their own shoes and wearing their own clothes.. I feel super blessed to have them in this life.

Being able to spend my little time here at Penang was the best decision I ever make last week.
Don't take any moment for granted because someday, it will be memories.

Thank you for visit my blog.


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