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My birthday month

Today I learned something very precious.Common but remind me again.
Without love, I am nothing.
Without love inside you, you are nothing even though you have everything in the world.It will never satisfy you.I'm still learn my best to love better especially love myself, people that I know and people that close to me and spread the love to people without even care about their race, color skin and their background, that #keriitleto must believe in because I believe in love..
All I said above is not related with my outfit..ahaha, as per usual..sorry but what can I say is I wear something that I love always love which is striped shirt and that overuse necklace.
Enjoy the photos and styling :)

Don't freak out with this close up!!hahahha..

And... November is here again! YEAH!!
I love November because I finally can do countdown for my birthday..ahahhaa

Thanks for visit and have a good day!~


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