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[outfit] Never stop


There’s story behind my outfit photos this time.I wait for weather to become a bit gray so its look appropriate for me to wear this long cardigan..haha. And, its totally worth my time because the weather turn gray after wait for 30 minutes under the tree..ahha. I know, its sound crazeh! I love doing crazeh stuff..ahaha. The moral of my waiting time is sometime we need to wait patiently for something great and never rush.
Especially to every girl, when you're over 25 years old and not get married yet and people start asking the golden question but I'm 27 years old this year, I'm doing fine so far, still patiently waiting for God to answer my prayers and at the same time, I'm busy doing stuff I love. One thing I can share from my experience so far is " Don't focus on when I can get married but focus on how to make yourself capable for that big event in your life, focus on being the great version of yourself, so you can together become great".
Okay, back to outfits.
This long cardigan really makes me wish I can spend my life at four season country,at least chilly weather country because I love to wear many layers of clothes but, since our country is not four season country so I just do layering when raining season..haha. Here, I wearing my long cardigan with my shirtdress.This look is great for casual night out with friends during rainy day..ahaha and talk over coffee or hot soup.
Thanks for reading my blog.
I feel Christmas when I look on my shirtdress.hahaha

Thanks for visit and read my blog.
Before I end post today, as a your big sister, I have to say this ;
" Never stop improve yourself everyday, do whatever you love and make sure you become the best on it, stay humble and be good to everyone that you met but most of all, always remember, God is above all, never ignore Him while you dream big".

See ya next time.


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