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[outfit] Nothing can stop me now

17 November 2015

Hi there~
This past week I've been busy with life.Sometime I don't have time for outfit photoshoot as I done previously, you can see it from my outfit background nowadays( the same everyday) but its okay, I just do photoshoot with my smartphone, easy but I'm not really satisfy actually but what to do I don't have time for that anymore. I currently arranging my own schedule so I can managed everything I love very well. I like being busy because of work or doing stuff that I loved, its make me feel good. Nowadays, I need to juggling with so many things,start from my main job, my passion on my blog, my contribution in our Church community and my preparation for my friend's wedding this end of year. I wanted to do everything and I feel like nothing can stop this passion now but I need to managed my time very well so the quality of my work will not become low quality or its already happen now? Please let me know.
God, give me strength and your guide to achieve this biggest dreams. If can, please give me more time..ahhaa,I become greedy now.
Move on to outfits, as per usual I wore my basic/nature color again. I think this outfit was inspired from jungle..ahha, I am jungle girl.But, I love the brown and black combo.

 The sakit perut post.

I'm not alone this time. There KERIITLETOs with me. I wished I taller like her but God already create me like this so I am satisfy and love it!
 Look like they not having fun with this sunny day..haha, sorry Keriitleto eut!

Thanks for visit and read my blog.
Have a great week.


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