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Pre-Christmas 2015

15 November 2015

I love this two month because November is my birthday month and December is Christmas time and I finally can see my family at my hometown. Being on my own and lived far from my family is the hardest thing actually but this is the life I choose so must endure it for now.
Since we're from many places and for sure we will not able to celebrate Christmas together here, so this Pre-Christmas is the best time for us to enjoy Christmas together in advance.
Without further due, enjoy the photos.

 She is taller than me..aiyaa..ahahha

Silent night.

 Ushers of the night.

Let's work together for better.

My Pre-Christmas outfit 2015.

The best thing being minimalist is I don't really have bright outfits like red dress so I need to prepare special dress for this Pre-Christmas.

With my best friend,Elyss..She will getting married this year.. T_T

Thanks for visit my blog.
And, Merry Christmas in advance.


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