[Christmas 2015] Merry Christmas

17 December 2015

Jingle bell! Jingle bell!! the iconic songs keep playing in head now. Its Christmas time,yay!
This year as per usual, I will spend my Christmas day with my big family at my hometown and I'll be off to my village(my happy place) this week so I can't update my blog for awhile due to no cell phone reception & wi-fi there so this is my chance to wish you;
 "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!".
I hope you'll have a great day with your family and friends wherever you are. Enjoy the moment with family,talk and connect with your them and enjoy the food too. Don't afraid to gain some weight(or a lot of weight..haha).
Enjoy your Christmas/holiday with your family and friends.
Last but not least, here is my self portrait for Christmas 2015.And, yes.. I'm wearing bright color again. Should I wore more bright color next year??ahhaha.

Thanks for stopping by!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2016

p.s : I'm quite nervous for this Christmas as I will help my friend,Elyss for her wedding and be my cousin's second photographer too, I'm nervous and excited! Oh ya.. I'm super excited to see my niece too!!hahaha..

God bless you,

[outfit] Different | Body issue

16 December 2015

Happy Wednesday~
Hope you have a good day so far.
For outfit post today, I try to make it a little different. Since I love black and white so much so lets make the outfit photo black and white for today. Here I wore the same shirt like here but this time I pairing it with my favorite blue jeans and soft pink jacket( you can't see the color..ehhe). In my real life, I'm someone that always feel insecure with my body, I constantly feeling fat but still lazing around, not exercising to lose that fat.So, I can't blame anyone for this, I am the one that choose to be like this, so move on!

No matter how I feel about my body now, I will try to appreciate it and having a great moment with this body.

Thanks for stopping by!


[outfit] Nude & Black | Last single day

13 December 2015

My yesterday was awesome and quite emotional. I feel awesome because after so long, I finally can spend my Sunday evening with my bride to be friend,Elyss( she is one of my best friend that I ever had in my life) and I feel emotional because today is my last shopping date with her as a single lady, she will getting married this end of month.Finally the day has come for her and I'm so happy for her.
Since today is my last chance to 'bully' her before her future husband get mad at me,so I 'bullied' her to help me taking my outfit photos even though its rainy day. I'm really thankful to have friend like her, she understand and 'annoyed' with me a lot! I always ask her to take my picture despite any circumtances, she will just click the button and do whatever I said. Thanks bro! I called her bro, never called her name in real life..ahahha.
Without further due, let's talk about my outfit today. I wore this nude and black combo to church today. I feel this outfit appropriate for today weather. Its rainy day and my shirt is lower turtleneck, perfect!hahhaa..And, I wear it with my black A line skirt which I really love and to make my legs look longer, I wore my nude shoes and its look long right? And, not to forget my over used handbag on my blog..ahhaa.

What do you think of this pairing?
And,in case you curious, do I feel sad when my best friend getting married?
Honestly,yes but I know, eventually everyone surround me will get married, so no hard feeling about that. I'm happy for them because they finally enter the new stage of their life and I hope they will have a good time on that stage.As for me, I'm still enjoying this stage and I always believe, the time will come when the right time and right person,great thing takes time.
 How about you,do you feel sad when your best friend get married too?
Please share what do you think.

Thank you for stopping by!
Have a great day ahead.


[Outfit]: Rooftop

10 December 2015

Hye there~
If you frequent visitor on my blog, you already read many times about KERIITLETO, my dream.I talked too much about it..ahahha. My blog is the place where I can be what I want, be one that I always imagine and I don't want that imagination just on my head but I want to make it 'live' on my blog. I always passionate about fashion or styling even though I'm not highly stylish people yet (hahha). For me, style is really reflect who you are, and I'm work hard to make my style reflect me, start from the way I dressed, the way I living( this the hardest) and who I wanna be in future.So, no matter how hard this will be, I will always passionate about it. I will never give up on this ( I can give up on anything but not my KERIITLETO).
Okay, let's talk about outfit. I just in love with white and burgundy combo. I love it! The white color is soft color and burgundy such a strong color for me ( my red alternative actually..),so soft and strong is really good combo. This outfit great for after rainy day hang out with friends, drink coffee or eat your dinner or hang out at rooftop watching sunset just like I did here..ehhe
You have seen this bag everywhere on my blog now, please bear with it ya. I just love this bag!hahha

The best thing in my life for this moment is I able to capture the pretty skies view whenever I got chance. If you follow me on my Instagram(@keriitleto), then you will overloaded with my skies photos.Whenever I do this, I feel so happy because I will never get the same view again.
I'm happiest girl when I can see the pretty skies, good food,do my own thing and so much more. I just love everything I do in my life.

Thanks for stopping by!
Have a great day ahead.


[outfit] Colorful | There nothing wrong with me

09 December 2015

Hey there~
Finally, there other color beside black,grey,white,blue,burgundy or other than basic color that I always love on my blog . Its hard for me to buy or wear colorful outfit this year,even until this moment, I still feel the same, doubt if my outfit too colorful. I always want to wear the basic color outfits. There nothing wrong with me but I feel so 'complicated' whenever wore such a colorful outfit..ahhaa,weird! Yeah, I know!. And, now Christmas season or colorful season, its 'hard' season for me because some occasions/ event, I need to follow the theme such as wore red,green to make us look festive or to lived up the Christmas/holiday season but I don't have those color in my closet, I get rid of it or keep it on box and wait for my donation.
Even though this outfit is not Christmas color but still I consider this is one of colorful outfit I wore on my blog this year. Now is festive/holiday and wedding season, so I think this outfit will be great for attend wedding, year end dinner and any special events. This outfit was baju kurung actually but again, I choose to wear it on my way ( I don't like follow the rule when come to outfit..ahah). Here, I'm wearing it with the thigh (thanks Najlaa for this birthday present and I'm not sure the name is correct or not..ahha) and thanks to Maznee for bought me this baju kurung last year(I wore it as bridesmaid outfit for her wedding).
What do ya think of this outfit?
Do you like it?
Enjoy my self portrait photography below.

This is the art of taking my own picture.Sometime I look so weird just like this one, I look like singing Negaraku(Malaysian National song) and at the same time try to look innocent..ahaha

Feel and enjoy the moment.
During this shoot taken, one of the 'mak cik' gardener trying to talk to me..ahahha, thanks to Mak cik for make me look like this...ahhaha
Okay, back to work!

When I do my own photoshoot, I will just pick up anything in front me as prop..sometime..ahha

Thanks for stopping by!
Have a great day ahead.
See you next time, more exciting contents on the way.


::Outfits Details::
Baju Kurung : Thanks Maznee
Bag: Alain Delon
Flat shoes: Bata
Thigh/legging: Thanks Najlaa

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