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#keriitletoOOTD: Keriitleto wear Kebaya


5 December 2015 is one of the day that I need to mark in my life history because I wore Kebaya for the first time.  Even though I'm not wearing the complete Kebaya (usually Kebaya worn with kain sarong or batik), I'm considering myself wearing Kebaya in modern way. I did little bit research on Kebaya on Google and I found interesting fact about Kebaya. 

Kebaya is inspired from Arab region clothing, the Arabic word abaya means clothing.
I never know Kebaya was inspired from Arab clothing, interesting right?
If you follow me on Instagram(@keriitleto), then you already know the reason I'm wearing this Kebaya. Yes, I wore this for attending one of my colleagues,Feesya's wedding.Actually I want to wear baju kurung but I changed my mind, I want to try wear the Kebaya with my own twist, I mean I want wore it with what outfit I'm confident the most. I love my A line skirt because I feel really confident and feel good whenever I wore it.So, I decided to wear my A line skirt with Kebaya.
What do you think of this pairing? Do you like it or its look weird?

 I don't know what I look at..ahahaa

 The part I love about Kebaya.


Okay, now some behind the scenes photos. Its quite hard when I do my own photoshoot because I need to handle many thing at the same time, start from when to press the remote, focus the camera on me and the hot weather is really not helping but I love doing this stuff, no complaining!
 One of must bring during my own photoshoot is tissue and water. This two is really important!

Thanks for visit and read my blog.
I hope you enjoy your Sunday and God bless you!

Special thanks to Irene( my housemate) for let me borrow your Kebaya..Thank you!
Oh ya~ HAPPY DECEMBER 2015! Now I can start counting day...hehe


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