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#keriitletoOOTD: Nude & Black | Last single day


My yesterday was awesome and quite emotional. I feel awesome because after so long, I finally can spend my Sunday evening with my bride to be friend,Elyss( she is one of my best friend that I ever had in my life) and I feel emotional because today is my last shopping date with her as a single lady, she will getting married this end of month.Finally the day has come for her and I'm so happy for her.
Since today is my last chance to 'bully' her before her future husband get mad at me,so I 'bullied' her to help me taking my outfit photos even though its rainy day. I'm really thankful to have friend like her, she understand and 'annoyed' with me a lot! I always ask her to take my picture despite any circumtances, she will just click the button and do whatever I said. Thanks bro! I called her bro, never called her name in real life..ahahha. Without further due, let's talk about my outfit today. 

I wore this nude and black combo to church today. I feel this outfit appropriate for today weather. Its rainy day and my shirt is lower turtleneck, perfect!hahhaa..And, I wear it with my black A line skirt which I really love and to make my legs look longer, I wore my nude shoes and its look long right? And, not to forget my over used handbag on my blog..ahhaa.

What do you think of this pairing?
And,in case you curious, do I feel sad when my best friend getting married?
Honestly,yes but I know, eventually everyone surround me will get married, so no hard feeling about that. I'm happy for them because they finally enter the new stage of their life and I hope they will have a good time on that stage.As for me, I'm still enjoying this stage and I always believe, the time will come when the right time and right person,great thing takes time.
 How about you,do you feel sad when your best friend get married too?
Please share what do you think.

Thank you for stopping by!
Have a great day ahead.


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