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#keriitletoOOTD: Girls on the rooftop


Hye there~
If you frequent visitor on my blog, you already read many times about KERIITLETO, my dream.I talked too much about it..ahahha. My blog is the place where I can be what I want, be one that I always imagine and I don't want that imagination just on my head but I want to make it 'live' on my blog. I always passionate about fashion or styling even though I'm not highly stylish people yet (hahha). For me, style is really reflect who you are, and I'm work hard to make my style reflect me, start from the way I dressed, the way I living( this the hardest) and who I wanna be in future.So, no matter how hard this will be, I will always passionate about it. I will never give up on this ( I can give up on anything but not my KERIITLETO).

Okay, let's talk about outfit. I just in love with white and burgundy combo. I love it! The white color is soft color and burgundy such a strong color for me ( my red alternative actually..),so soft and strong is really good combo. This outfit great for after rainy day hang out with friends, drink coffee or eat your dinner or hang out at rooftop watching sunset just like I did here..ehhe
You have seen this bag everywhere on my blog now, please bear with it ya. I just love this bag!hahha

The best thing in my life for this moment is I able to capture the pretty skies view whenever I got chance. If you follow me on my Instagram(@keriitleto), then you will overloaded with my skies photos.Whenever I do this, I feel so happy because I will never get the same view again.
I'm happiest girl when I can see the pretty skies, good food,do my own thing and so much more. I just love everything I do in my life.

Thanks for stopping by!
Have a great day ahead.


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