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Happy Sunday!
Today, once again, I feel so proud being #KERIITLETO!
For those who do not know what is KERIITLETO, KERIITLETO is Kenyah words. The direct meaning is young girl. But, I love to translate it as young girls with strong faith, beautiful in her way, dream big and kindhearted. I don’t want to limit it for certain age because every girl will always has the #keriitletoSPIRIT no matter what her age. Yes, it quite long and I hope you guy can accept that translation.
When I start this blog, I thought it will be about me forever and never thought beyond that. But, 


My 2016 birthday | Appreciations

Hi there!
Happy December 2016!
I still feel excited about my birthday yesterday. I have amazing friends and family that never forget my Birthday(as I always remind them..haha). No matter what the medium like on Instagram,Facebook, RL(real life)., thank you so much for the wishes!
This year birthday is never the same.


[Sydney,Australia] Opera House & Harbor Bridge

After enjoying the mother nature view at Bondi beach, me and my colleague,Farah took bus to Circular Quay where the Opera House and Harbor Bridge is. One of my dream is visit and take my photo with these two iconic symbol in Sydney. As I mentioned before, I came to Sydney for 4th times but never have a chance to really visit this iconic symbol in Australia. Thanks God, this time, I'm here! I jumping happily and I can't stop myself behaved that way. I'm just excited! The dream come true!


[Sydney,Australia] Bondi Beach,Sydney

Hi there~
It's time to overload you guys with my Sydney photos and experience. Get ready ya!
This is my 4th time went to Sydney and finally, I can spent weekend here. Not just 1 weekend but 2 weekend. I'm blessed! So, on my first weekend, I went to Bondi beach ( everyone must go when you in Sydney). I wake up at 430am because I want to see the sunrise in Bondi beach ( people said it's breathtaking so I want to see it with my eyes). Unfortunately, the weather is raining in the early morning. But, I learned something from this situation. One is I can wake up early to see the creation of God so why I can't wake up early to see God every Sunday. I make commitment to never late go to church anymore. Second is life is just like the weather, it's unpredictable.But, we can always rely on God to get through it.


[Sydney,Australia] Welcome Home in Hillsong Church(Week 2)

My overdue post from November 2016.
I missed Australia so much now. I want to go back there forever! Live there like it's where I belong.One of the best memories I make in Australia last year was I able to go to Hillsong Church for three times.What a best time in my life. This is my early birthday present from God that I will never forget forever.But, I'm forgetful lately so I want to share everything on my blog. Without further due,enjoy my photos.

[November Special] Welcome Home | Birthday giveway

Happy Saturday!
It's so good to be home. I missed my bed and the food so much! Of course, my family,friends and special one. Yesterday was a super duper uber long journey for me and my colleague,Vicky. The check-in took longer than usual,maybe due to boarding pass printing issue,I guess. But, whatever it is, thank God for always give me strength to be patient and don't worry about anything, everything will be alright!


[Sydney,Australia] My first Sisterhood experience in Hillsong Church

I don't know how to start this post, I'm too excited to share about it.
I want to start it by something that I learned from my first ever SISTERHOOD event in Hillsong Church.Something that I never expect to happen in my life, but it's HAPPENED!
I came to Sydney,Australia for work and never ever I imagined I will have an opportunity to experience this. God has made His way for me to attended, experience and learned from SISTERHOOD in Hillsong Church.I can't stop saying "Thank You,God" when and after the event. It's inspired me in so many ways. I just can't wait to share it with you girls.
So, without further due, read more.


[November Special] 18/11

It's Fri-yay!
18/every month
One of the best date in my life.



[November Special] The Bible app that help me

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”
Jeremiah 29:11 NIV

Happy Monday!
TGIM! Thanks God is Monday.
Another day to live a better life and start fresh!
Amazing day with God
Yesterday was an amazing day for me.I still cant believe what happened,I even pinched myself and it's hurt,so I need to believe it,it's real! 


[November Special] Hillsong Church 2016 experience(First time)

Another date that I will never forget in my life.
When I think of Australia, I will think of three things, Kangaroos, Opera House and Hillsong Church.
I wishing to go to Hillsong Church whenever I came to Sydney,Australia but I always don’t have weekend so I don’t have chance to go. But, last week, I’m fortunate enough to have chance to go to Hillsong church. I’m overwhelmed and feeling unreal!
It’s dream come true now!

[November Special] : Happy Birthday,Marina!

Hi there~
Yesterday is one blessed day as one baby girl was born in this world.
Her name is Marina.
So, I want to write birthday post for her.


[November Special]Lesson I’ve learned in the hard way

Hi there~
Thank you for visit and read my blog again.
As you read this, I'm in Sydney,Australia for my business trip. I wrote this article before I went to Australia because I don’t want to miss one day in November.This is special month so I will share every new article on every day.
For today, I wanted to share about some lessons I've learned in hard way. Without further due, here you go.

[November Special] Quotes I try to live by

Happy Hump day!
It’s the middle of the week now.
I’m not feel good here because it’s my every month day,girls know it. I feel very painful this morning but I need to go to work no matter what.So, I wake up and go to work.
I prepare this post before I came to Sydney last Sunday so here is some quotes that I try to live by.

[November Special] Things I like and dislike about myself

Hi there~
Its 8-November-2016, time moving so fast here in Sydney.I'm thankful seeing, feel and wake up in other side of world.I don't have time to explore Sydney yet because I've a lot of work to do. and I'm staying very far from Sydney city.I hope I will have time on weekend.But, the current is not bad.Its where Olympic held in the past(I don't remember when and I'm not feeling to Google it now,sorry!).But, its amazing to see one of the place of Olympic.I will not stopped talking about how amazing is that.So, today article will be about myself.If you realized, this week article will be getting to know myself.If you meet in real life,then you already know me for instant but since we not going to see each other in real life very soon,so get to know me on my blog. For today, I will share about what I like and dislike about myself.


[November Special] Five blessings in my life

Hi there!
I’m thankful I wake up early today in the other side of the world.
I wake up in Sydney, Australia. I have been here for 4th times now, which make me, feel grateful.
Despite many obstacles in my life, I’m always try to be grateful what I have, what I’m doing and whatever I experience in my life.
We just live once so don’t take it for granted.


[November Special] Travel apps must have

Hi there~
Happy Sunday!
As you read this post, I'm on way to Sydney,Australia!
This is my 4th time to Sydney and I'm THANKFUL! Since I travel quite frequent, so I must have TRAVEL Apps that I can rely on during my travel time.So,here you go.


[November special] 5 country I want to visit

Happy Saturday!
Thanks God it's first Saturday on November 2016. And, I share about something that I miss after so long.It's TRAVEL topic! I'm thankful for having an opportunity to travel to some country in this wonderful world created by our amazing God.As to prepare myself on the travel mood (yes, I will go travel again to somewhere, I will share on my Instagram and Facebook when it's happening), so here is my five(5) country I want to visit in future.


[November Special] How to move on?

Hi there~
This topic is very interesting for me because I've experience it before. Feeling heartbroken is never been easy.But, we can't forever feeling heartbroken so no matter how hard it is, we need to move on with our life.

This topic is not for the broken relationship, but it's for separation event in our life.But,usually when we heard or read about move on, we immediately think about the broken relationship,right?
So, maybe we can focus on that and if you not experience any broken relationship in your life,wow!good for you!! Without further due,let's see how I move on from any separation in your life,maybe from someone that you used to love,your friends and etc.

1.Crying as much as you can and anywhere you can
It's okay to cry,not just cry but cry as much as you can.
I remember when my heartbroken time, I called my sister and I cried almost an hour + ( 2 hours,I think). I REALLY cried like I just lose(yes, I lose someone that I use to love). I still remember, the feeling is just hurt and saddest thing ever happen.I think my world just ended! The there time during working hours, I can't bear the sadness of the heartbroken, I even cried at my desk, I went to under the desk during lunch time, some time I even went to toilet and crying because I feel sad! really sad! It's okay to cry during the early of heartbroken,don't push yourself to be stronger,just be yourself, allow yourself to express the sadness event in your life.But, remember!! Don't cry in the office( I did that,so it's bad!). Your heartbroken story is a personal issue, so in the office, be strong and when went back home, cry as much as you can! Don't "tahan" it, just cry! really!

2. Find God

Sometime, when you in very bad conditions such as heartbroken, you feel like nobody understand you.You friends will say " God prepare someone better or something better for you", yes, that's words help a lot.But, what really help a lot is find God. Read the God's words and apply it in your daily life. It's hardest but it's process.As from my experience, I read self-book, religious book and Bible to really heal this heartbroken. There's no shortcut but eventually, you will be heal completely in God.

3.Find close friend/family members
During the hardest time, I'm thankful for having friends and family that really be there for me. I remember, my good friend,Maznee really help me during this sad time. Thank you,Maz for listening to my stories, my teary time and etc, I really appreciate it! To my family(my sisters), I love you guys!! You guys make me realised there someone loves me other than him.Thank you for make me realised that!

4.Find your new passion or restart what you used to love before
After I really enough with the crying and teary stories with friends and family, I write a note to myself " I will never cry over this man for the sake of myself and my family". After I wrote that, I started to feel stronger and try to really forget what just happening. I started to learn photography and really get into it. Now, I still love it and still working on it. If you can't find a new passion, you can resume back what you used to love before you get involved in a relationship. Start do it again.

5.Work (Werk Werk work)
Something that really distracted me from my broken relationship and all the good memories is my work. I just work and work to forget everything that hurt me. After work, I'm starting to do my blog and thinking about what to write, what's my next project to share, learn about photography. I just get myself busy as much as I can. There's a time when I have a little time, I will cry especially when my eating time, I will cry but I remind myself with the note I write to myself.

6.Travel alone
I'm thankful for my job that required me to travel. During the peak of my heartbroken,I required travelling to Australia and New Zealand for work by MYSELF.At first, I have a doubt with myself but I bravely to do this. Yes, I'm survived and I'm really thankful I have an opportunity to travel during my saddest time. If you can't afford to travel, you can go somewhere new in our country and really check on yourself.

7. Fall in love again( after you ready!)
This one is the hardest!
It's hard to fall in love after you have such a heartbroken time. Some time, you feel like everyone is the same and you afraid to have the same experience again. Yes, that's happened to me too. Its took 3 years++ to make me really try to fall in love again, try my best to see beautiful things in love and not to afraid to love again. I never know what will happen but I'm trying.If its not working then learn the lessons again and if its working, thanks God!

These 7 tips maybe not a perfect way to move on but at least you know what to do when you experience this event/stage in your life. It's not easy, to be honest, but it's progress, never give up! I admit, there's some time I'm thinking of the good memories but that's because I'm human and I have a good memory. It's okay to think of that but don't make it as a block or wall that block you from your happiness, real happiness.

Maybe you feel despair and sad.But, remember God still care for you.Whatever happen now maybe God allow it for your own good.


That's all from me. I hope its help you guys.
If you have fantastic tips, you can let me know by comment below.

Thank you for reading and visit my blog.


Photos from keriitletophotography.com

[November Special] One fine day in IKEA Cheras

I love went to IKEA.
The place that full of inspirations and great home furnishing( full of people as well). I don't own my house(yet) but I really love to see the home decor and make me wanna work harder for my own house.
The house decor really make me want to work harder and make my house like the one that I see in IKEA.
What I really like about IKEA is the minimalist concept and some of the items is quite affordable I think.

[November Special] After 1 year...

It's 2 November again.
The same date but different year and the same memory remain in my memory. The 1 year has past but I still remember what happened on this date. Sometimes, I still can't believe what actually happen but that's what happen now. After my break up 3years ago,


[November Special] 30 things makes me happy

Hello there!
Oh yes! It’s November!!!! I’m excited! My close friend and my siblings(sisters especially) knows about why I'm excited(because I remind them on 31/Oct..hehe) and I think they already get tired of this excitement after this many years..haha. Why am I so excited whenever November comes?
November is my birthday month so I will start to do countdown start from 1 November until 30 November on Facebook by sharing each date everyday. This year, I want to make a little different, instead of sharing date everyday, I will share useful article everyday,start from getting to know me, something that I learn, my everyday life and etc. So, after this, you will get to know me well and I hope it can help you know yourself better too.Without further due, here is the first article. It's all about 30 things makes me happy.
What's make you happy?

[Review]: CC Long Lasting Cushion (The Face Shop x Disney) edition

Image resultImage result
I'm back with another review,beauty product to be specific.And, it's The Face Shop product again.If you ever read my review before then you already know I love The Face Shop products.I really love it and its good for my skin as well.I'm CC cushion since last year and I never stop using it until now. Never ever stop! haha. I did make a review regarding CC cushion I'm wearing before, you can check here.
Without further due, let's check this product out!


What October taught me

Yay! Almost end of October! Oh, what?! Is it end of October already?
How's time flies right? This month has been challenging as per usual but I feel natural, thanks to God! This month, I heard of bad/sad news from my kampong.One young man going back to our Fathers in heaven. I'm thinking, life is short and anytime you or someone close to you will go.So, be grateful and appreciate everyday life.Since October will be away in 3 days, so I will share what October taught me.


My 5 favorite Malaysian breakfast

Who love breakfast here? Raised your mutual hand!
Okay,thank you! There no better way to start a day without breakfast,right? I know, some of you can't eat breakfast due to stomache issue. I have that one but I just ignore it.
So, here is my favorite Malaysian breakfast.

1.Kolo Mee
Image result
The Kolo Mee that I really love is my hometown,Belaga Kolo Mee. We called it "Mee Kompua" over there. It's taste soo good! In KL, I like the one in MTK,Cheras and Restaurant 2020,Pandan Indah.Slurpp!!


Minimal room ideas

Grey home with a glass partition - via cocolapinedesign.com:
Hi there~
Getting sick before the long weekend is not really good.
This week, I have been sick. On Monday I got diarhea and the following days, I having the flu and no voice and today, I got a fever,flu and coughing. I don't know what happen to me. I think I need to buy that Vitamin C and get stronger. I'm not getting younger and I need to take care of myself better. No one can do that to me except me. Okay, since I just staying at home,sleeping after eating the medicine and not going out so what else can I do than browsing on my favourite inspiration website,Pinterest.com and I think I need to share this with you guys.My minimal room ideas.

[Life Tips] Apps that you need in your life now

Happy Wednesday!
I'm sorry for another delayed post on my blog.
To be honest, I'm out of idea now..haha, I've a lot to write but I still considering to publish it or not because I feel not so confident about it. I'm still in my learning process too.When I am ready I'll definitely post it.
Okay, today I want to share about apps that practically help make my life better(organized to be specific!).
So, here you go.
*Just click on the Apps name to download it.


[Career woman tips] The rewards of work

God is fair, and he will remember all the work you have done. He will remember that you showed your love to him by helping his people and that you continue to help them.
Hebrew 6:10

Reward is something that we can't casually to talk about in my opinion. It's really depends on how you do your work and whats yours employers think of that hard work. I'm thankful for the rewards that I got from my job and sometime, I am not being grateful because I knew I can deserved it but maybe there's something that I need to improve or do something better. On basis of good management is to recognize and reward employees for outstanding performance. Still, many employees feel that they never receive the recognition or rewards they deserve from their earthly employers.


[Career woman tips ] Relationship in the workplace and home

Working woman is never been easy. As a woman, we always evaluates our priorities and decisions as daily basis. Especially if you're working mum. Making decisions or evaluates the priorities is not come easy. Sometime we think, everything is important and need to do it all. I heard few stories from my colleagoues about their quilty for their families and work. I'm grateful I'm single, no family commitment for this moment but I will in future so need to get ready early for that. So, as I mentioned earlier, I read one Bible apps that really inspired me to make this series on my blog. And, this time, we talk about relationship in workplace and home.
Whenever you need to make decisions between your work and home,here is some guidelines may be helpful;
p.s: I knew its not easy as I write this but try.At least, we know which is important.


[Career woman tips] Fear |Guide to become better public speaker

The spirit God gave us does not make us afraid. His spirit is a source of power and love and self-control.
2 Timothy 1:7
This topic is the most insecure topic ever to share on my blog.
Why?? I am very bad in my public speaking but I'm sharing guides to become public speaker. I've done public speaking many times but still have fear of doing this. Wherever I need to do presentations during meetings or speaking in front of many people, the butterflies(monster!!) in my stomach always happened. Sometimes, I wonder why I must fear of public speaking? or why I should fear of cats/dogs or why I fear of what will happen in future? I planned to write the topic related to career woman tips but this topic pop up on my mind since my last post, so the arrangement of my post become messed so that why the series published quite late.I'm sorry.
So, let's talk about this now.


[Career woman tips ] The challenge of a career

"But wisdom will make any job easier. It is very hard to cut with a dull knife.But if you sharpen the knife, the job is easier."
Ecclesiastes 10:10

Happy Wednesday!
In honour of my 5th years as working lady, I want to share about career woman tips articles on my blog this week. So, the prefix will be [career woman tips] and I will post article every day this week on 8pm.I am no expert so I refer to one resource that I read so much lately and based on my experiences so far. You can check my 5th-anniversary story article here if you haven't read it.
So, for the first article, I'm going to share about the CHALLENGE OF CAREER.


[Special Post] Happy 5th Anniversary! | Wonderful and tearful journey

Happy Monday!
It’s 3rd October, this date is one important date in my life. Today is my 5th anniversary as a working lady. I remember clearly on this day, my first day went to work. I’m trying to show my very best confident look and not nervous face but deep inside my heart, I’m nervous like crazy!


#keriitletoOOTD: Infinity

But in all these troubles we have complete victory through God, who has shown his love for us.
Romans 8:37

Hi there~
Last weekend was one of the blessed weekends I ever had because I attended one conference in SIB Serdang. We called it R8VG Infinity. Its organised by Youth community. From the conference, I can learn to improve myself in many aspects. So, I don't want to keep what I learned by myself, so below is a summary from what I get(I hope you guys can understand it).


[Life Tips] : Bad bad decisions

Happy Fri-yay!
And, it's last day of September 2016. How's your September 2016 going? 
I hope everything went well and you have a wonderful September. Tomorrow, we will welcome a new month and let's set the new goals and working a little harder on previous goals.
As we approaching the end of the year(again), I'm thinking about what my 2016 goals that I set earlier this year. A lot of change since January until September.Sometimes, I make a bad decisions in my life but I try my best to think "everything that I decided is there's reason behind it" but still. it's my bad decisions. I'm not saying I regret, I just think, I shouldn't do that but I learned from that. What I can do now is laughing at myself and sharing my bad decisions that ever made in my life and I hope you guys can take a lesson(if applicable for you).

#keriitletoOOTD: Is it too late now?

Happy Wednesday!
I feel like the day went super fast lately. Can you believe its 2 month before my birthday!! and 3 months before Christmas. I'm excited when think of that but when I look back at my 2016 goals,I started to think "Is it too late to go toward that goal now?" and one of my goal this year is lose weight and eat healthy!! And, obviously.. you can see I can't achieve that goal because I'm gaining so much weight and keep abused my body by eating unhealthy food. 
So, I'm thinking, is it too late now?

[#keriitletoOOTD] : Never get tired

Hi there~
I've been missing from blogosphere again. Sometimes I wished I can have more than 24hours so I can do what I must do and what I love to do every day.But, that's not going to happen because God already gives us 24hours so we need to know how to do time management,right? Talking about time management, despite living on this earth for almost 27 years old ( minus when I'm less than 7 years old), so its 20 years living on this earth, I never know what is time management.But, I forgive myself that 15 years.
When I started working, then only I know what is time management because I feel like I have so much thing to do.Sometimes, I have so much thing to do in one day,both my work and my personal life but I'm thankful because God gives me strength to go through my day. So, in case you curious. here is my typical schedule every day.

[Special Post] : Goodbye for now, my friend

 Today is the day that I'll never forget!
On this day, 3 years ago, I am emotionally and physically crashed because of my breakup. I feel like the world is ended and feel so weak. But, I'm really trying my very best to be strong for my own sake! Fast forward in 2016, read the history on my Facebook make me feel proud of myself and I made it! I mean, I'm survived from that phase of my life. Thanks a lot God and thank you very much for my family and friends that help me a lot during the tough phase of my life.



Hi there~
This month I think I'm less creative with my outfits as I'm trying my best to own less. I'm trying to sell everything that I don't even know I owned it and if nobody buy it, I will put it to charity. Its hard to let go whatever that matter to you but what can I do, I need to less stuff and owned what I really wear and need. To be honest, I'm not from wealthy family, I am from rural area ( we called it kampung girl in Malaysia) and I guess I've culture shock in KL for quite long time, so I just shopping and shopping mindlessly. I'm happy when see pretty clothes but to have eternal happy life, that's not the way!
Despite anything, I'm so happy to be on the frame again.

[Tips] How to use Coin Deposit Machine?

Happy Tuesday!
I'm grateful today as I still in my public holiday.
Since I'm on my holiday and the bank is open today so I decided to try the coin deposit machine. Have you heard of this before?
I have many coins so I can't keep it in my house anymore because now I'm in progress to be own less.
So, now you can deposit your coin to your bank account. I'm here to share my experience.
Without further due, let's check out how to use the Coin Deposit Machine.


[Genting Highlands,Malaysia] Where to go for a quick trip near KL?

Happy Monday!
I hope you have a great one today because of its public holiday in Malaysia. For Muslim friends/readers, Selamat Hari Raya Haji. I hope everyone has a great Monday no matter what you doing. This public holiday, me and my friend, Marina went to somewhere out of the city. It's Strawberry Farm Genting Highlands. You can find info here.

[Instagram Round Up] First week of September

Hi there.
Can you believe it's September 2016 already?
In 3 months, my favorite month will be here. I think time move so fast and not even bother to wait for me. Since I'm so active on Instagram, have you follow me on Instagram yet? If not yet, you can follow me (@keriitleto), if you want lah..haha.Starting from September 2016, I will do Instagram round up and share the details story behind my Instagram photos every week. I hope you like it.

Delicious Borneo foods in Selangor

Happy Sunday!
Being away from home is not good especially when comes to food. I always missed our traditional food like Daun Ubi Goreng,Mee Goreng Basah, terung dayak and etc. No matter how much I like other food, I always craving for Borneo food.
Earlier this month(September), one of my church friend invited me to the opening of Borneo concept kitchen in Seri Kembangan. I am more than happy to go and yeah, I love the food. I feel like home. Without further due, let's check it out!
When you arrived here, you will see this.
Javian Kitchen-Sajian Borneo(This is the restaurant name)


[Tips] : How to renew passport online?

“Rather than having to line up and wait for the whole process,
applicants can just come and pick up their passport,
which also reduces the queues at Immigration offices in the country,”

When I heard this news, I feel so happy and relieved at the same time.I no no need to line up and need to take leave to settle my passport.So, I will not mumble over here, so here is how to renew passport?


[Review] : THEFACESHOP Chia Seed products

Happy Friday people!
I'm so excited to write this post because after I published #keriitletobeauty post last time, you guys love it, so I feel good and I feel sharing is caring.This time, I really describe about my skincare products that I currently used.
My skincare daily routine was below:
Step 1; Toner
Step 2 : Moisture cream
Step 3; Serum


#keriitletoOOTD: Ain't giving up

Christ gives me the strength to face anything.
Philippians 4:13
Hello there~
Happy Independence day to my fellow Malaysian. Today is our 59th Independence Day, thank you God for this wonderful country and hope it will be a better country than before.
For outfit post today, I'm going to share my current favourite denim skirt that I bought early this month but I don't have a chance to wear it somewhere yet. I only dress up on the weekend when I went to church but I'm not going to wear this outfit to church for obvious reasons. I will wear it when I go out with my friends for a girls day out. What I love about this skirt is the style and its stretchy too.
One thing that I want to talk about is what do you do when you lose your strength to move forward in this life? Who is your strength? Where do you find your strength again?


#keriitletoOOTD : Love more deeply

Respect your father and mother.And love others as you love yourself.
Matthew 19:19
Hi there!
I feel like its been so long since I didn't post about my outfit.
 I've been trying to repair my broken soul. I seem to look like normal but I'm totally broken inside, confused and totally don't get it what God want me to do with my life. I always want everything goes like what I have planned and to be honest, I always ignore whatever beside my dream, my career journey, love myself harder than anything else including what God want me to do. I always trying to be stronger with my will but I have breaking point on that.I lost my direction along the way. I've been thinking I capable do anything but I'm getting tired and helpless.


[Tips] : How to use contacts: Put lenses on and take lenses out

Hi there!
I am contact lenses kind of girl.
I can't "live" without it. Some of my co-workers say I'm "expert" on this since I wore it almost every day. Thank you for saying that! and,yeah I guess I become expert already in this "area" but sometimes my eyes getting red because I wore it too long(more than 8hours) and M will nag me on this. I remember, one day I said to M, I feel pretty when I wore contact lenses and M response is a shock for me as M said: " Do you think red eyes is beautiful?"..hahaha. I have red eyes that time so after that,I wore my glasses for 1 week straight, I'm 'insaf' for a moment!hahaha
Okay, what I want to share today is how to wear the contact lenses? If you googled, you can find a bunch of it, and if you search on youtube, you can find it too. But, one thing that makes mine different is I'm closer to you and you'll understand faster( hopefully).


[Review] : Skincare product I'm loving now

Hi there!
I'm sorry for MIA again and again.Sometime I feel tired of everything so I take a break.
But, here I am again, trying to be strong and do what I love to do.
Here is my new skincare products in the house. My previous one already empty so it's time for new one. I want same as previous but they don't have the same range anymore, so I try this range this time. For me, I love The Face Shop skincare products. It's really comfortable on my skin and its make me feel great.


#keriitletoOOTD: What's your favorite color says about your personality?

Happy Monday!
Here is my first #keriitletoOOTD this week.If you following me on social media like Instagram(@keriitleto) and Facebook(keriitleto), I think you already know what's my favourite colour.It's so obvious,right?It's BLACK!
I 've done a small research on "What's your favourite colour say about your personality?"
So, here is what's my favourite colour,black says about me.

[Review] CLEO creativity Workshop with TEDxKL Adventures

Hi there!
I'm so excited to share with you guys what I did on last Saturday(13.8.2016). I went for first ever when to first ever CLEO creativity workshop with TEDxKL adventures.
If you're avid fan of English fashion magazine in Malaysia, then you know what's is CLEO and who is CLEO. If you don't know, don't worry, I googled it for you.

[Travel] 5 places must visit in Ho Chi Minh City(One day Itinerary)

 Xin Chao!
It's mean "Hi" in Vietnamese!
Can we take a break from my #keriitletoOOTD and dreamer related topic? Let's do the travel post.
I been travelling to Vietnam for 6th times now and all the trip was a business trip. I'm grateful for this job and I not complaining about it for now.I love my job when come to travel.
Since this is my 6th times here, I guess I can share my 5 places must visit in Ho Chi Minh city in one day and I even share extra. So, without further due, let's check it out!