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Hello there~
Finally I got time to write my first post on 2016 after spending my year end holiday with family and friends at my 'paradise', my hometown.I'm having so much fun with my family especially with our little kiddo(he can walk now) and in the middle of having fun, I miss my blog so much. I know, I supposed to just forget about it during holiday but this blog is one part of me so I miss it.
I hope you have a great one on 1.1.2016, not like me, I got high fever on new year eve and first day of new year basically. I been on the go so much during my holiday so maybe because of that I got fever, my body too tired I think.But, its okay, because this year,I'm the first one to wish my father and mother "happy new year" again, that's enough for me.No fancy celebration, just simple shake hand and hugging my love one was the best new year celebration.
There not much I can say/write on this new year post but what can I say is I'm thankful for 2015 and I welcome 2016 with open heart and open mind( I don't know this is correct term but nvm). There so much unexpected gifts from God last year, start from I travelled to my favorites cities and there also up and down that make me learned.Along the journey of life, I met new people in my life too, I know them for long time but I don't have time to know them better and I hope this year, I can get to know them better than before.I'm happy two best friends get married, congrats Loretta & Ellis, I'm so happy for you guys ( even though there's time I miss you guys but life must move on,right?, I don't miss you guys now..ahhaa.
Previous year, whenever new year come, I already have bunch of wishlist or resolutions but this year or to be exact, for this moment(6.1.2016), I just got one so far..ahhaha. Its funny and weird because I used to have many.
This year, my goal is to be real happier person.

I hope this year will be our good year and lets do our best in everything.
Last but not least,
God bless you and your loves one.

Happy New Year 2016,

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