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Medtro & Lyntia Wedding | 19 December 2015 (My first wedding photography)


Hi there~
Today I want to share about something that makes me feel so nervous and excited at the same time last year.My first ever wedding photography.
Since this is my first time as a wedding photographer, so I wanted to share a little story behind it. I promise it won't be long.When my cousin (the bride) asked me if I can be photographer on her big day in December 2015, I'm excitedly replied “yes” but shortly after that, I getting nervous and doubt about myself because I’m no expert on photography yet, still learning, keep improve and I never attend any classes yet, everything I learned by myself by reading online and some books. For practical, I just do carry my tripod and remote to a nearby park (Putrajaya) and do my photo shoot by myself.But, KERIITLETO team(just me by the way) will never let the opportunity just pass by so I bravely take this chance. I’m glad I got the opportunity to practice what I learned and experience the real wedding photography too.Thanks to the newlywed couple, Ping and Ayaq for giving me an opportunity to take your photos on your big day. God bless your marriage and family always.
I said it won’t long but it’s already long..ahahha,sorry.
Without further due, here are some of the photos. Enjoy the photos.

The best man
The bridesmaids

The groom
The bride

Wedding ceremony started 
( I just realized I didn't take photo of the groom entrance..sorry Ping and Ayaq)

After wedding ceremony.

Before I end this special post, this first experience will be not possible without my cousin too. Thanks to Ping and husband for asking me (I’m too shy to promote myself because I've doubt about myself). Thank you!

Thanks to my sisters(Achel,Ree and Tod) for the compliments and encouragement every time I’ve doubt in myself and thanks for the comments too, it’s hard to swallow all the comments but that makes me learn and improve for future.

Not to forget, one special person, my dad(Amai). He can’t read this post but I want to keep it as a record. Thanks for like and give comments on every photo that I take. Seeing you smile makes me wanna take a better photo every time.

Above all.. thank God for the great time and heart to learn something that makes me feel happy and make people life more beautiful.

Hope you enjoy the photos and if you like my work, please do contact me via CONTACT tab or just comment below if you have anything in your mind.

Thank you!
God bless you,


  1. Replies
    1. Tega tawai Orai! Selamat Tahun Baru miku..majan nta tegu' iku ne.

  2. haha..ake pun br perasan gambar ayaq x un masuk..excited ek naat gmbr smpi x x peja u..suk excited alak gmbr bride ke awang ja tdre.haha..masa2 depan un pe improvement lo..bangga teka' me' do jadi org 1st iko snap kahwin..semoga lepa ji Tuhan akan sentiasa berkati sik usaha uk dalam bidang g..teruskan!! tetap smgt walaupun lupa gmbr groom btw, we are truly blessed to have you as one of our photographer.. gambar2 de' iko alak da besar maknanya walaupun simple sey tapi moment2 de' iko captured da, sgt menepati citarasaku ini..hehe.tega tawai sungguh2.hehe.. Tuhan memberkati iko..

    1. Lan ek ja, ake' koma un lote du alak ya dik..ahhaa, nta ja u..improve lg.
      Tega tawai kaduk pe oban pelawa ake' alak gambar em do,its my pleasure.
      Tega tawai me kata2 semangat da, saek ale' teka ek iku' suka gmbr de ake' alak.
      Tega tawai kaduk ngan Tuhan memberkati family em do :)


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