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my 2015 best moments

Hi there~
Can you believe January 2016 almost end? Time goes so fast right?
Last week, I took a little break from the blog due to fever ( I hate getting sick). I pushed myself so hard lately.I don't get enough rest because I  do everything at once because I don't like waiting!
During that "break", I decided to not posting on my blog, social media, and no editing picture too. I just relaxing, sleeping and when I get better, I went to Putrajaya( my favorite place so far) and enjoying the sunset over there. That little break really makes me feel refreshed and ready to do what I love even more now.
So, this time, I want to share my 2015 best moments.
Last year is one of the best years of my life so far.I received the unexpected opportunity, some of the longtime dream come true, I met great people, I found what thing really make me happiest and of course, I loved my family better.2015 is the best year so far but of course, I've the up and down time, but for now, lets focus on the good one.
Without further due, here is my 2015 best moment.

1. I traveled to London, UK.

One of the most exciting moment in my life. I still remember the feeling when I finally on my way to UK. Oh my.. I love that feeling! That feeling was more than the feeling when you fall in love with someone..ahahha.Just kidding! One thing that I remembered when I'm on the flight was my father used to said " tai sekola abe' Lanten(London)", so when I got this kind of opportunity, I'm super thankful and blessed! I'm not going to studying but working, that's better!hahaha
I grew up as kampung girl ( rural area girl), so it's almost impossible for me to traveled here.But, I've the best opportunity ever.
You can check out my full travel post in London on link below;

2. I finally traveled to Seoul,Korea

 If you really know me, then you'll know how interested I'm about Korean culture ( not really now..haha) but I'm busy to discover my own culture, but I still love Korean culture. There so much I can learn and discover.For me, travel is the best way to spend my money and I can spend my money on gadgets and clothes for sure..ahahha.
For full post of my Seoul,Korea trip, you can check link below;

 I'm at Nami Island

3. I traveled to Thailand and Vietnam
Even though its for business trip but I love the experience and moment here. I plan to travel for vacation soon.


4. Wedding photographer
For my cousin(the bride), you can check all the photos here >

My best friend,Elyss

5. Wedding Planner for my best friend
I always wish to try wedding planning and I got chance last year, its super awesome.
You can read the details here.

6. Featured on FEMALE Magazine
Its very small but I feel so happy about it! Looking forward for better next time, I wished.!

7. Welcoming our first baby girl in our family
After waiting for so long, we finally have baby girl in our house.She is my niece(how excited I am called her my niece).
Dear our little girl, this excited Aunty always love you and be healthy and be kind hearted. When you able to read, I hope you discover this post.

8. Our bundle of joy growing up healthy
I've 5 nephews and I love to called them " our bundle of joy" because they bring so much joy in our life. Watching them growing up healthy and a bit naughty is really blessed. My prayer everyday that, they will be great man in their life.

9.Work so hard on KERIITLETO
One thing that I'm really excited to talk about. The KERIITLETO,my baby, my dream and my part time work. I've been trying so many thing now for KERIITLETO such as fashion/style, photography,wedding planner, travel and more. I love to experiment and try new thing on KERIITLETO so I can find what I love the most ( so far, I love everything I stated above..ahah).

10. Celebrated Christmas with family
There nothing better than spending my Christmas with my family at my village. But, this year, I'm quite busy with my KERIITLETO job, I'm really sorry Mum and Dad! I'll arrange my work properly next time.

11. I finally found what style I really love.
Finally, I feel I don't want to own so much clothes..yay! I just love minimal and basic color outfits. I feel so much confident and excited whenever I wore something that minimal and classic. And, I'm a sneakers kind of girls, not really into heels but need to, so I can look taller..ahaha

12. Celebrated my birthday with many people

I never celebrate my birthday with a bunch of people because when I'm a little girl, we don't have much money to do birthday party but its okay, I understand that situation.So, when I earned my own money, I really want to celebrate my birthday with many people and I'm the one that hosts the party. I'm really thankful for friends that helped me during this special day and of course, thanks for celebrating my birthday, I'm so happy!

13. Met great people
I can't really talk about this because I'm not sure what will happen in future. But, all I can is I met people that make me feel great and dream even bigger. God know the best for me, so I surrender everything in God's hand and enjoy my life with people..ahhaa.

So, that's it my friends. Actually, I want to write in Kenyah language but its hard..ahaha,, I will try my best next time.As you can see, most of my best moment is travel around the world.This year, I hope I travel to new place and experience new thing.

Thanks for stopping by and read my blog.


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