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Dominnoe & Salviah Uyang Engagement | 24 December 2015


Happy Wednesday everyone~
I thought I can take a break from my blog today but I've one unpublished photography post.
I promise I will move on from this..ahhaa but I love it so no move on feeling yet..ahaa, hope more to come soon.
So, here is the moment of my cousin ( Salviah Uyang) and my friend( Dominnoe) engagement day on 24.12.2015.
God bless the engagement and can't wait for their wedding soon.
For now, let's enjoy the some of the photos.

 Preparation time

 Some of the early guests

The emcee
 Selamat Menempuhi alam pertunangan Dino & Uyang.

 This time I can't take photo using my DSLR due to low battery ( I forgot to bring the extra battery), lesson learned here.

Hello from my friend, Ping.

Congratulations again to Dino & Uyang.
God bless your engagement and can't wait to celebrate and witness the big day soon.
In case some of you wondering, how we Kenyah Badeng marriage flow,the common flow as below ( this is not official, this based on my friends and sisters experience, if there's mistake, please do comment and correct me).

1. Metip/ Tai mutu leto ( Merisik)
- Bring all the traditional sarong, baing and etc

2. Tonang ( Engagement Day)
After both side agreed, then they will go for engagement. Usually the couples need to engaged for below duration;
 i.3 months(minimum, this applicable for our kampung people only)
ii. If you engaged with other than Data Kakus people, then it will be 6 months.
iii. 1 year, some of the couples need this duration due to preparations.
*During this engagement duration, the couples cannot be together yet, I mean they cannot lived together.

3. Kawin ( Wedding Day)
After the engagement duration, its time for wedding!
You can see Kenyah wedding as below;
Medtro & Lyntia's Wedding
Newton & Ellis Wedding

Thanks for reading and enjoying until the end,

For photography enquiry, please contact me via whatapps > 0192872023

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