[Photography] : How we Kenyah Badeng celebrate Christmas 2015

15 January 2016

Happy Friday everyone!
For today post, it's all about "How we Kenyah Badeng celebrate Christmas Day". During Christmas time, we will have some event beside the Christmas day and Christmas Eve. One of the events is Opening Ceremony for Christmas Sports Event ( Perasmian Padang Pesta Sukan Krismas). Since I going back home a bit early last year for Christmas, so I able to capture the moment of this important event.So, I hope you enjoy the photos.
p.s : this post going to have a lot of photo so I hope you don't mind.
Oh ya..
Today I feel like wanna speak in Kenyah badeng.
Oman ji, Christmas ka Data Kakus atek ramey ngan bangen. Puji Tuhan ale' teka taan pemoyan ji ngan saek teka le taan seganak semaik apan le ngan toyang-toyang ngeramey. Ja je ame' oba' dalem udip ji. Bersatu ngan saling mengasihi ca ngan ca osa. Oka le kelu ke maju ngan un tega ngan du dalem udip ji, ja ading ilu' besatu padu ke aang ilu semaik. Uku baan dau aluk, "Bersatu kita teguh, becerai kita roboh".
Arap tepat mung Kenyah badeng lemoto bersatu ngan nengayet meta tiga ngan du dalem udip ji ngan ke engke-engke tai le meta oman.

My brother in law's temporary shop
 The view for Christmas sport
 One of Kenyah badeng house style
 Data Kakus Church

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