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[Wedding Planner] : My first wedding planning


Selamat tau dua me ilu mung.
Tuwi ake' kelu ka 'pelaku' hasil kerja mek pat ka Long Biak dalau Netwon & Ellis kawin tidai re.
Ji jan ne sik ka coba' ka jadi "Wedding Planner" tidai re manik. Ading-ading ake' coba ti me toyang ek. Nta lote lan-lan mencam pe wedding planner ji pe, ntaun pengemencam lepe. Tega tawai Ten dedo Elite oban okat nak ca peluang atek tega maki' kata ek ka coba'.
Ngan mung di pe ke nta jadi oka ntaun pepo cung #keriitleto Long Biak. 
Ake' ti tega tawai pala' #keriitleto Long Biak ngan seganak-seganak anun pengantin oban lepa mepo ake' ngan pengantin leto. Jadi ne sik hasil kerjasama mek pat tidai re.
Happy Tuesday everyone.
Today I want to show our hardwork for Netwon & Ellis wedding last year.
This is my first ever wedding planning , I don't really know how to be one or act like one, I just believe passion. I'm thankful for this good opportunity, thanks to the groom and the bride for let me do what I love and I really hope you two satisfied.
Everything is not possible without #keriitleto Long Biak helps and the groom and the bride's relatives too. They help me a lot during this time. I don't have team yet so their helps is much appreciated.
So, here I present the result of our hard work.

[Part 1] Church Decorations
Before we start the decorations, I briefed to everyone that come helps whats the bride wanted for her wedding(this is the most important,I will never planning without ask her and the groom too), then I explained the concept and design ( I bring my laptop over there and show the example). 
After that,I distributed the task to each group. One group is two person. 
So, the categories as below;

1. Backdrop, runway & wedding arch

Here is the details
Guests chairs deco - Flower, ribbon and double tab.

Dedicated chairs for important person in the groom and bride's life.

Wedding runway- this is the most nervous part for me and the bride. We scared it can't be make but at the end, here is the result..fuhh! Thanks everyone!

This is handmade wedding arch ( Gerbang perkahwinan).
Truly made by the groom.
Decorate by #keriitleto and make it more beautiful by #keriitleto Long Biak (Suling, I remembered)

2. The cake table
 Love is sweet
This handmade polystrene cake by Audrey Ping

Cutting cake with Kenyah style

Wedding glasses by Keriitleto

Ring 'pillow' by Audrey Ping

3. Wedding Chairs

This chair deco by Suling and friends. thanks!

4. Bridesmaids bouquets
Handmade bouquets by Keriitleto
Handmade bouquets by Keriitleto

5. Flower girls baskets
Handmade bouquets by Keriitleto

6. Enterance sign

Handmade bouquets by Keriitleto

[Part 2] House Decorations
Not to forget the house decorations. In our culture, we love to go to the newlywed after wedding because we wanted to take picture, eat the food and of course, congratulate the newlywed.
So, its important to do some decoration at house.
Here, they choose the simple yet memorable for them. So, I come up with the ribbon concept and LOVE 4EVER signage.


Behind the scenes of this 'pelamin'
Thanks everyone for helping me.

Last but not least, the 1988. We will help each other no matter how far we lived.

Thanks for staying until the end.
Being able to do wedding planning for my friend's wedding is really unforgetable moment in my life.. Even though is not fully as wedding planner, I still have to learned more about wedding planner.
I'm really thankful for everyone helps and support during wedding prepration time. Thanks #keriitleto Long Biak, you guys is the best!!
One thing I learned is when we're together, everything will be smooth and we can make it together.
If you have any comment or opinion, you can comments on below.

Thanks for visit and I hope you enjoy my blog.
The last series of wedding or engagement will be on Wednesday so please stay tune for that too.

Thanks and Love,

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