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[Broga,Selangor] Broga Hills

Hi everyone!
I went to Broga Hills for 3rd times yesterday.I really love to go hiking because I love to push myself to go to the top and from there I can see the beautiful view and breath the fresh air(not so freah yesterday because there people smoking, how dare!). Same goes to our life, in order to achieve what we want, we need to push ourselves and at the same time, pray for it. I'm true believer of hard work and pray. Not just waiting for miracle to happen. I write this post while waiting for boarding time at airport. Whenever I travel alone to abroad, I feel proud of myself, not because what I have for this moment but I feel proud that I can come this far.As I always share on my blog, I'm kampung girl and I never thought my life will be like this one day. i never thought my wild dream come true one day, I always have dream to travel around the world, i think because of all magazines I read..haha.I'm feel grateful everyday of this opportunity.. I'm forever thankful for this chances, life and people that make this dream come true.
In few minutes, I will fly to Sydney,Australia and I miss someone..haha. I never thought I will be like this.
For now, enjoy the photos from Broga Hills.


Finally you're mine!

Happy Friday!
I got one excited news to share with you guys!
I finally get my own domain 


I'm so happy to see this! I'm no longer need to type www.keriitleto.blogspot.my/com.
keriitleto.com, easy and simple!
That's it!
It's small news but its really exciting news to share on my blog because I'm waiting for this domain for 1 year ( I accidentally purchased it before but I can't buy it again,it's weird but yes, that happened to me). Now, keriitleto.com is mine, I'm so excited, happy and looking forward to working harder, better for KERIITLETO.COM.
I will try my best to share inspiring contents, great picture quality of every post and most of all, I want to write/share something that useful for you and for your life.

Lastly, don't forget to like/follow KERIITLETO on social media;
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Thanks for visit and reading.

God bless you,

[outfit] The world of sneakers girl

Happy Wednesday!
It’s middle of weekday so yeah! 2 days to go before weekend.This is typical minded of working people, always wait for weekend.
Today, I’m trying my best to keep up with my [outfit] post schedule.As I promise last time, I will share [outfit] post for every Monday and Wednesday. It just 2 days per week but sometime I’m drained, no idea about what to share.
Today, I want to share about sneakers.I think everyone know what is sneakers right?
Or you need the information?
Okay, below is information about sneakers based on Google.com.
Sneakers (also known as athletic shoes, tennis shoes, or trainers) are shoes primarily designed for sports or other forms of physical exercise. ).Sneakers have evolved to be used for casual everyday activities.
I miss my long hair already..ahaha, I'm trying my best to not miss it but I miss it!
I love wearing sneakers over skirt.Weird combo but I love it!


Are you sneakers girl?
you love heels more than anything else in the world?
Thanks for reading and stopping by.
Aya from Keriitleto.


[outfit] Peach and black |Just do your thing

Happy Monday~
I hope you have a great day so far.
How's your day yesterday? Awesome? or something else?
I hope it awesome :).
For today outfit, I will share my simple outfit again. You have seen this shirt and skirt few times on my blog now.Yes, I love to recycle my outfits.This time, I wore my black dress as my skirt.I admit, my styling sense/skills is not really good yet but I'm learning.
I'm wearing the favorite statement necklace and rock the same hairstyle again( I should do something about this now).
 On my blog, I'm being totally honest, I never edit my photo to make me look slimmer or thinner, this is how my body look like now. I'm fat because I'm lazy, I admit that.But, I do use some filter from VSCO apps to make my photo look different. I'm obsessed with the filter there lately.
I hesitate to tell you guys that I had an awesome day yesterday.
That's all!

That's pretty much it.
I don't really know what to write on this post, so before I end this post, here I share one quotes that very inspiring for all single ladies out there.

Don't chase people.
Be an example.
Work hard and be yourself.
The people who belong 
in your life will come find you 
and stay.
Just do your thing.



5 inspiring quotes for single on Valentine's day

Happy Valentine's day!
If you are not going anywhere today, I mean for a date, don't worry!
I'm here to accompany you on this day.But, I will not stay too long because I knew you'll be boring with me.Instead, I will share my favorite quotes for single on Valentine's day. I think its perfect day to share this because I keep it myself too long already.
Whenever I feel like lonely, give up, so much negativity inside my head, I will grab one book that really inspired me and really give me strength. Its motivational book.
And, some of my favorites inside the book is all these.

Thanks for reading and I hope it can make you feel inspiring and don't be sad!
There's nothing wrong being on your own.



[Travel] Old Istana Negara,Kuala Lumpur

Hi, everyone~
Today I will be sharing my quick travel photo to Old Istana Negara, Kuala Lumpur.
Even though I'm living not really far KL but I rarely go to the tourist attraction places because I feel it's normal for me. But, this time, I don't want take that for granted, soon or later I will be going back to my hometown. So, I should start explore KL as much as I can now. I really want to go here because of the building and I want to get inspired.And, yes! This place gives me inspiration for my future home..haha(not really soon),working for it now.

Below is the details how you can go here;
 Istana Negara Lama, Jalan Istana, Kuala Lumpur.
Entrance fees
RM5/person (Don't forget bring your Identification card)
What you do here: 
You can learn about our Supreme King, the current and the previous one. 
Get inspired
Take photos(outside only)
My review:
I think the entrance fees should be free because we can't even take any picture inside.We just look and remember it inside our head.And, they should open the park too so we can enjoy our time over there.Overall, I have a good time because I feel inspired and I can take photo of my outfit at nice background..ehhee.
So, enjoy the photos below.

Thanks Amy for the ice cream!

 Thanks, Marina Unnie for helping me take the nice photo here.
Eating ice cream in the hot weather is the nicest thing to do,right,Amy?

And,here is behind the scenes photo of my outfit shooting here.
I'm using my Iphone this time.

Have you ever visit Old Istana Negara before? or is there any interesting places to visit in KL that you know?
Please share it with me.

Thanks for the visit and read my blog!
See you next time.



#keriitletoOOTD: How to dress like a stronger girl | Happy early Valentine's day

Happy Friday, yay!
Valentine's day is coming up!
February is well known as the month of love. It's the month to celebrate love, love for your family, friends and even yourself. If you currently in a relationship or already have a partner of your life, that's great for you.Do something that makes your love one feel appreciated and loved. If you have nobody this moment a.k.a single, don't feel bad or sad.You can always celebrate Valentine's day with your friends, family and even celebrate by yourself. This Valentine's day is not just for lover/couples but for everybody that appreciate the love.
As my for me, my blog is my love for this moment so to make my love one feel appreciated, I'm sharing one special post with you guys.I hope this can make you feel stronger from within and express it outside.
So, here I present >>


[PHOTOGRAPHY] Special story of little girl

I was inspired to share this special post because of this little girl and her friends from Kg.Orang Asli Pecah Batu. So, here am I, share about my story as a little girl. A little personal but I'm totally fine to share the story.


#keriitletoOOTD: 10 reasons to buy white shirt

Happy Wednesday!
My favorite piece of my wardrobe is the basic white shirt. One that I love the most is from Mango. I love the material, design and its super comfortable.This is my second piece of white shirt from the same brand as the old one ( the one that I bought it 2 years ago) already worn out so I bought myself a new piece.
So, here I share 10 reasons to buy white shirt ( even you already have one!)


[photography] Brand new world | AJK JFC SIB Cheras Retreat

Hi everyone~
Happy Tuesday and Happy CNY to those celebrating!
Since today is still public holiday so I will share my new experience last weekend.
For the first time ever, I went to Kampung Orang Asli and sleep on the Pondok buluh.I used to sleep in this kind of environment before whenever come harvest season at my kampung but that's very long time ago and able to experience this kind of environment again makes me feel nostalgic and feel proud of myself because how far that I went in my life. And, surprisingly, I slept well..hahaha and I even wake up at 0530am(I'm really surprised of myself) but I love that experience! I love the morning fresh air and morning walk make me feel fresh all day long.


#keriitletoOOTD: The Unexpected style

Hi, everyone!
For outfit today, this combination was really unexpected. I wore the dress backward(yes, backward) and wore my soft pink shirt under it.This style was totally unexpected because I never wear something like this in public.But, this year, I welcome challenge and something new and different. 
And, I 'risk' my life for my outfit shooting this time. I did it in the middle of the road at Putrajaya. Thanks to my friend, Elyss for willing to support me for this crazy dream.
What do you think of this unexpected combination?
Yay or nay?


Color of the year 2016

abbeylossing:  Today I fell in love with Pantone’s 2016 Color(s) of the Year: Rose Quartz and Serenity.  https://www.pantone.com/color-of-the-year-2016:
photo credit : illustratedladies.tumblr.com

Happy Saturday!
Today is the special day on the blog because I will share something new(my first time doing this). I will share about what the color of the year 2016. It February 2016 already but I think it not too late to share the color of the year, right?
Without further due, let's check it out!
[bahasa kenyah badeng]
Selamat tau nem!
Tuwi ca tau 'special' dalem blog ek oban ake' ka 'share' ca mading ( ji ading-ading ek ti ji ki). Ake' ke 'share' u ke warna oman 2016 ji o. Lepa bolan dua 2016 un tepo nta pe ja tapa lepe ko?
Nta oba' ngena-ngena la a, tega tepat naat ne u je ke warna oman ji o.
p.s : pala' keriitleto de ka kawin oman ji, tega ne alak inspirasi dalem color ji o.

Color of the year is...
Rose quartz & Serenity
Do you know what is rose quartz and serenity color?
When the first time I heard about the color of the year, I can't imagine how the color it looks like. I always call the rose quartz as dusk pink and serenity is baby blue. But, now I know their name. This two pastel color going to be huge this year. Honestly speaking, I'm quite happy with the color of the year because I wanna try to love color more this year and this two is just perfect! The rose quartz is perfect for the image of KERIITLETO( for girls basically). I don't really like bright pink but this rose quartz just awesome! So you can expect myself to wear more rose quartz and serenity color this year ( I'm looking forward to this too..ahah)
[bahasa kenyah]
Tisen em u je color 'rose quartz dedo serenity ji?
Medan ek ngening warna ji ka jadi 'color of the year', nta teke sokat bayang kumin sek warna ji pe. Ake' alek nepai warna ji jan ne, warna pink mampo dedo semelin mampo. Naaki odai ake' lepa tisen ngadan eda. Dua warna ji ke jadi color biuk oman ji. Beng di ne ka kedai sapai o. Saek alek pe teka taan dua warna ji ka jadi color of the year oban kelu ka coba' ka un warna di teki dalem sapai ek oman ji. Untuk rose quartz ji atek ngam alek ngan KERIITLETO oban le leto kulu. Nta lote ake' suka alek pink terang jedai tapi rose quartz tega alek. Jadi, oman ji naat ne teka ake' ka un sapai warna dua di o.
#Rose Quartz & Serenity - Pantone #ColoroftheYear 2016: - Color trends, color palettes, Pantone 13-1520 & 15-3919.: ]
photo credit: pinterest.com

Outfit inspiration
Expect to see rose quartz and serenity color everywhere this year including here.
The Quarter Life Closet: NYFW J.Crew Giveaway & LookMazing:
Aimee Song of Style wears a blue wool coat from Mackage:
photo credit: www.songofstyle.com

Wedding inspiration
I will not forgot to update you regarding wedding trends too. This time, I just share about rose quartz and serenity color combo for your wedding. Separate post coming soon..
pantone rose quartz and serenity wedding color ideas 2016:

pantone's color of the year 2016 wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses:
photo credit; pinterest.com

Decor inspiration:
New obsession of mine. Minimalist decor! and plus with this two color of the year.. I'm going to change my bedsheet now..ahaha
Rose Quartz et Serenity Pantone®:

Home office inspiration.

2016 Pantone Colors of the Year: Rose Quartz & Serenity // Sea of Atlas:

Kitchen inspiration for our house ( I hope I can make this come true this year)

Pantone Colour of the Year 2016: Rose Quartz and Serenity:
photo credit: pinterest.com

Skies inspiration
I love skies, so I'm looking forward to see this kind of skies.
Pantone Color of the Year 2016 is twins: Rose Quartz and Serenity:
photo credit; pinterest.

Thank you for stopping by!
And, let's rock this color of the year 2016 and I hope you feel inspired for this post.
If you have any comment of the color of year, please comment below, I will answer it :)



[photography] Christmas with family 2015 Photo Diary

Happy Friday everyone!
I hope you feel happy today.
First of all, I'm sorry for posting Christmas photos before the Chinese New Year holiday. 
Happy Chinese New Year for those celebrate and Happy holiday to everyone.
Since I'm not celebrating CNY, so I thought I can share my Christmas photos with family last year.Actually, I feel really bad about my Christmas. I felt I didn't spend my much time with my family, I'm busy work hard on my dream ( photographer and wedding planner). I felt really bad.We' (Mum) please forgive me! I tried my best to spend my time with everyone, talked and having a good time with everybody because I miss my family so much. But, sometimes two good things can't happen at the same time, I gotta work on my dream because that the thing that makes me feel alive, happy beside my family.But, I'm happy because I can see your smiles, we share food together and I still can wish Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to my family directly, love it!
Without further due, here is my Christmas 2015 photo diary.

One of the best moment is bring my mum shopping,she always hesitate to buy something for her but mum, just buy what you like.
 My boys said 'they love the sunset'. This aunty poisoned them..bwahaha

Classic Christmas decor at our house,old classic! I want this will be on my nephews and niece memories.

 Spending a great evening with the bundle of joys.

Mum not so comfortable with the selfie.
 My brother was busy driving.
 This little man growing up so fast.
The boys
Our little angel
One of the best moment during Christmas was the surprise birthday to one of our bundle of joy.
 For the first time ever, I saw my nephew look touching,
Having a good time at sungai(river)
Mummy and Kuk..hehe,we called him with that name..he is our bundle of joy
Whenever I'm home, this is the place I go because I can see the skies from here. The same place we shooting before Kang welcomes to the world.

Our sweet boy
 My dad and one of our bundle of joy
 When you basically hand over your phone and selfie stick to nephews, this will happened.
I asked the two of them to captured the photo of themselves and it come out interesting.

 I love to see the smile and impression..haha

 Your laughing make me miss you like an old lady.

Some view from my village

Before I end my post, here is my very special person in my heart.

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy holiday~