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[photography] Brand new world | AJK JFC SIB Cheras Retreat


Hi everyone~
Happy Tuesday and Happy CNY to those celebrating!
Since today is still public holiday so I will share my new experience last weekend.
For the first time ever, I went to Kampung Orang Asli and sleep on the Pondok buluh.I used to sleep in this kind of environment before whenever come harvest season at my kampung but that's very long time ago and able to experience this kind of environment again makes me feel nostalgic and feel proud of myself because how far that I went in my life. And, surprisingly, I slept well..hahaha and I even wake up at 0530am(I'm really surprised of myself) but I love that experience! I love the morning fresh air and morning walk make me feel fresh all day long.

So, here is our photo diary of AJK JFC SIB CHERAS Retreat 2016.
P.s: I have thought many times whether I want to share this topic here on my blog because its our church youth community event, not mine but since this is part of my life so I decided to share here.
So, if you're Christian and you searching for Church, you can find us on waze by search 'SIB Cheras',you will find address as below;
Jalan BS 1,Taman Bukit Segar Jaya,
Kuala Lumpur.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the photos until end of this post.


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