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Featured on Female fave #OOTD (February 2016)


 Happy Tuesday~
Yesterday was great!
If you follow me on Instagram (@keriitleto), then you already know what I will talk about here.
I'm so suprised and happy to see one of my usual #OOTD (on December 2015) was featured on FEMALE magazine in FEMALE FAVE section.

It's tiny section on FEMALE magazine but seeing @keriitleto on print make me feel so touched, proud and yes, I'm a crying little bit (tears of happiness). Since beginning, my aim for KERIITLETO is to be well known fashion/style and travel blog. But, along the journey, my passion on photography and wedding planner & DIY come along.  I'm not aiming to be popular, my aimed is to showcase my hardwork and passion on my impossible dreams.There's time I feel discouraged because nobody care but I don't do it to make everybody care but I do it because I'm the one care. But, for those ( readers) that commented on my blog, I really really appreciate and happy to read all the comments.Whenever I feel discouraged, I always remind myself below qoute;
All dreams can come true when you have courage to pursue it- Walt Disney.
Seeing tiny me on my favorite magazine makes me feel I'm not regret doing crazy thing and I'll never stop it because this crazy thing makes me happiest.
I still remember the very first time I posting my outfit diary on my blog on November 2013. I was inspired of qoute on Pinterest " Blog your dream". I just do it and not even care about anything. You can check my first outfit diary post, you can click on the photo as below.
Before I end this special post, I want to share one inspirational qoutes that I just discover today. Its ordinary words but really inspired me.I hope it can make you guys inspired, never stop work on your dreams.
Never give up on your dream, keep doing it until you succeed.
Thank you for stopping by and read until the end.


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