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#keriitletoOOTD: 10 reasons to buy white shirt


Happy Wednesday!
My favorite piece of my wardrobe is the basic white shirt. One that I love the most is from Mango. I love the material, design and its super comfortable.This is my second piece of white shirt from the same brand as the old one ( the one that I bought it 2 years ago) already worn out so I bought myself a new piece.
So, here I share 10 reasons to buy white shirt ( even you already have one!)

1. Essential 
I think the white shirt is essential for every woman. 
We can wear it with blue jeans, any color of skirts or pairing it with any dress.

2.Go to wardrobe staple
I don't know about you but I always wear white whenever I feel like nothing to wear.
I will grab my jeans or black pant and white shirt and there you go! Trust me, you will look good.

3. White goes with everything
White is perfect for me.
It can be worn with any color, it will never fail you.Here I wore it with my black pant.

4. Worthwhile investment
When come to clothes especially minimal clothes, I will try to buy the best one and most importantly, I can afford it.

5. Everyone look great in white
No one look bad in white.
You can instantly look chic and great in white.

6. Its versatile
I can wear it as shirt or wear it with skirt or wear it as jacket. 
Its depends on you.Just be creative with your style.

7.Can be worn during day and night
During the day you wear it to office and when the night come, you still can rock it.

8.Great for your weekend and work day
White is one of coporate color so it very appropriate for work.
As for weekend or public holiday, I can wear it casually with my pant and flats with the statement necklace.
Feeling like I'm working on my own company with this image..ahaha, ONE DAY!

9. Great for any occassion/event
Great for attend wedding, any party or travel (sightseeing,just like me here)

10.White can make you happy
I heard somewhere, on Monday or first day of work, wear white as it can boost your good mood.
So, on Monday I will wear white.
Nothing make me happier than spend my public holiday with my friends and do what I love.

That's pretty much it. I hope these tips is useful for you.
If you have any opinion about this, you can write me comment or suggestion on below comment section.
Before I end this post, I want to thanks two friends of mine, Marina and Amy for helping me taking outfit photos today and thanks for great day too.

Finally, thanks for stopping by and reading until end.


:: Outfit Details::
White Shirt : Mango
Black Pant: Thanks Sister for giving me this pant.
Flat shoes : Vincci
Handbag: Alain Delon
Sunglasses: New Zealand

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