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#keriitletoOOTD: How to dress like a stronger girl | Happy early Valentine's day

Happy Friday, yay!
Valentine's day is coming up!
February is well known as the month of love. It's the month to celebrate love, love for your family, friends and even yourself. If you currently in a relationship or already have a partner of your life, that's great for you.Do something that makes your love one feel appreciated and loved. If you have nobody this moment a.k.a single, don't feel bad or sad.You can always celebrate Valentine's day with your friends, family and even celebrate by yourself. This Valentine's day is not just for lover/couples but for everybody that appreciate the love.
As my for me, my blog is my love for this moment so to make my love one feel appreciated, I'm sharing one special post with you guys.I hope this can make you feel stronger from within and express it outside.
So, here I present >>

How to dress like a stronger girl. 
1. Know what you like
Most of my outfits is black and white or in short words, basic color like grey, brown and army green. These colors never lets me down. When I dress in what I love, I feel great, it doesn't matter whether it's in fashion trend or not.All matters is that you love it and you own it.

2. Dress your shape
To be honest, I'm not a girl with the good shape so I sometimes felt fat and not comfortable with my own body.So, the quick solution of this issue is dressing my shape. I'm pear shaped kind of body, meaning my bottom is bigger than my shoulder. So, I'll  find an outfit that flatters me the most like A line skirt, dark colored outfit but sometimes, I break the rule by wearing something that I love even though not flattering my shape.I love the oversize long top and long cardigan even though I'm short and I wear it because it's flattering my body.

3. Make statement
It could be a statement necklace or any of your jewellry. Since my outfit is simple so I make statement with my big necklace. You already seen this necklace on my blog countless time.If you don't like big necklace,maybe you can go for bright accecories.
make a statement with your sunglasses or bright color handbag.

4. Choose your shoes wisely
For many times I admit, I am not high heels kind of girls. People said you feel confident or stronger whenever you wear high heels and I agreed with that too. But, I'm not really comfortable wearing it, I think I can't walking properly so the flat shoes and sneakers are my type. When I'm wearing them, I feel stronger!

5.Shop well
Don't spend your money on clothes that you wear just once. Find something that you can wear many times in different style. Whenever I went shop for my clothes, before I buy any clothes, I will think how many different style I can wear with the clothes, if more than four, I will buy it. If not, I will leave it!and, I know, I can't stop thinking about it!
I'm glad that I purchasing this statement necklace because it can be worn with most of my outfit, it worth it!

6. Build your capsule wardrobe
As I grow older, I tend to repeat my outfit many times and I don't really like fancy pattern anymore. I love the simplicity and clean look. So, here is few list of my capsule wardrobe which is the white shirt, black pant, nude shoes and bright color of a cardigan.

7.Don't show too much skin
I love modest kind of style, I don't like too much skin expose.Don't wear something that makes people feel disrespect  or misjudge you because the way you dress up. You can look amazing even all covered up.
That's a wrap! Peace!!

That's pretty much it. I hope you like the tips and if you have any of tips how to dress up like a stronger girl, you can write on comment below or if you have any suggestion what should I share next, please let me know by comment below too.
Last but not least, 
if you feel weak this time, don't feel that way anymore. Get up, dress up and head up!
Happy early Valentine's day!
Thanks for stopping by and thanks for reading until the end.


:Outfit Details:
White shirt: Mango
Black Pants: My sister gave this to me, thanks!
Flat shoes: Vincci
Handbag: I borrow from my friend,Amy. Thanks Amy!
Sunglasses: Vintage shop at New Zealand
Necklace: Forever21

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