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#keriitletoOOTD: This is mustard,not yellow


Happy Monday!
I'm back with my outfit post. This time I'm wearing punjabi shirt inspired I guess because its long and have both side slit. The punjabi shirt usually look like this right? And suprisely, its different color or new color on the blog, mustard color. I never wear this color on my blog so far. I'm glad that, I'm trying different color and I hope more different color anytime on my blog.

As I get older my style also getting different. I tend to wear something that make myself feel good and comfortable.

As for the skin, you can see how miserable my skin right now..ahhaa, I will take care myself better from now on.

Oh ya.. there no more long lock but the shorter hair. More comfortable but feel missing actually but MOVE ON!

Its very rare for me to have tidy hair, I always with my messy hair..ahah, always make my hair like a crazy women.

The trusty sneakers

The forever love necklaces that I wore whenever I feel like nothing to wear with my outfit

 Here I present my messy hair..super messy hair!
Life can be so lonely but I can enjoy my life as much as I can.

Last but not least, thanks for stopping by!
What do you think of this outfit color?


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