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[outfit] Peach and black |Just do your thing


Happy Monday~
I hope you have a great day so far.
How's your day yesterday? Awesome? or something else?
I hope it awesome :).
For today outfit, I will share my simple outfit again. You have seen this shirt and skirt few times on my blog now.Yes, I love to recycle my outfits.This time, I wore my black dress as my skirt.I admit, my styling sense/skills is not really good yet but I'm learning.
I'm wearing the favorite statement necklace and rock the same hairstyle again( I should do something about this now).
 On my blog, I'm being totally honest, I never edit my photo to make me look slimmer or thinner, this is how my body look like now. I'm fat because I'm lazy, I admit that.But, I do use some filter from VSCO apps to make my photo look different. I'm obsessed with the filter there lately.
I hesitate to tell you guys that I had an awesome day yesterday.
That's all!

That's pretty much it.
I don't really know what to write on this post, so before I end this post, here I share one quotes that very inspiring for all single ladies out there.

Don't chase people.
Be an example.
Work hard and be yourself.
The people who belong 
in your life will come find you 
and stay.
Just do your thing.


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