#keriitletoOOTD: The Unexpected style

08 February 2016

Hi, everyone!
For outfit today, this combination was really unexpected. I wore the dress backward(yes, backward) and wore my soft pink shirt under it.This style was totally unexpected because I never wear something like this in public.But, this year, I welcome challenge and something new and different. 
And, I 'risk' my life for my outfit shooting this time. I did it in the middle of the road at Putrajaya. Thanks to my friend, Elyss for willing to support me for this crazy dream.
What do you think of this unexpected combination?
Yay or nay?

During this shoot, I'm not wearing any makeup and not do touching on my photos. I just love to see my bare face because that's who am I.
And, once again, the sneakers makes a countless appearance.

If you saw a girl in sneakers, don't judge her. She just loves to walk comfortably.

Thanks for reading!


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