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[PHOTOGRAPHY] Special story of little girl

I was inspired to share this special post because of this little girl and her friends from Kg.Orang Asli Pecah Batu. So, here am I, share about my story as a little girl. A little personal but I'm totally fine to share the story.

If you doesn't know, I'm Kenyah girl from rural area at Sarawak (Kg.Data Kakus). I grew up in village ( rural area/jungle), all I can see/know is family members, my people, trees, blue skies, clean river and etc, there's no technology and outside connection. I do really enjoyed that time but I don't have any dream. I just lived and eat. I went to school because I want eat good food and make friends. Little that I know, education can change my life.I started to dream when I'm enter my secondary school ( 13 years old) at Belaga town. I start to exposed to different(new) world. I start to communicate with different kind of race, live in different environment but I'm still AFRAID because I used to think, I'm 'kampung girls',  no need to dream big, just study until SPM, get married and follow the flow.But, my parent is the person behind of the change me. They make me dream big, they work so hard for my (our) education and I don't want to waste their energy. So, the world is totally changed when I'm in form two, I started to dream about different thing. I want to do something different and not stuck at the same world. I want to change my world, I want to travel around the world and be inspiring. The only way to get out is get the good result of PMR and change school. Yes, I did it and I change school. I want to give thanks to someone that really makes this happen, my friend, Jonical Engka. I still remember what you said to me during my consideration time( I don't know if you still remember it or not). Thanks for encouraged me and thanks for being my good friend along the way. I will always be thankful for that and I will remember that until I get older. Thank you and God bless you always my dear friend,Jon.
Thanks to some of my old friends(we still friends now) that super supportive too.
Thanks to Langking's family for being there for me during this time and they're super supportive too, I really appreciate and remember all you guys have done to me. I hope one day, I can do something for you guys.
I admit, I still not very successful women this time, I still working hard to make every dream comes true. But, for now, I can say I achieved my small goals so this is my small success story. I believe, to achieve my big goals, I need to achieve the small goals first. 
This little girl from Kg Data Kakus will never stop and never give up on any of her dreams. No matter how slow or fast is the progress, I will never give up and I can do it!
You can dream no matter where you come from.
Your dream is valid.
-Lupita Nyong'o

And, enjoy my photography below.

Thanks for reading my post and I hope you enjoy the photos.


2 comments on "[PHOTOGRAPHY] Special story of little girl "
  1. so inspires..actually my husband is from your village too and for the first time I went there..the scenery was so calm and I forgot about the busy world outside and I admit that I missed Kg. Data Kakus more than my own village (Balingian) to 'nauk' with my in-laws at Sg. Padai & Apau Saga..but I still got no chance to go 'majau'. We're same age and I still got a lot to chase actually, so I love to follow your blog and keep inspires every time..thank you

    1. Hi Avila,
      Thank you for reading :)
      I don't have chance to go 'nauk' whenever I went back home but all the memories of 'nauk' and 'majau' still fresh on my mind, I never forget that memories.
      Yes, I really love the view at my kampung too.
      Hope to see you at Kg.Data Kakus someday :)
      Thanks for commenting and I will try my best to make good post :)


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