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[Travel] Old Istana Negara,Kuala Lumpur


Hi, everyone~
Today I will be sharing my quick travel photo to Old Istana Negara, Kuala Lumpur.
Even though I'm living not really far KL but I rarely go to the tourist attraction places because I feel it's normal for me. But, this time, I don't want take that for granted, soon or later I will be going back to my hometown. So, I should start explore KL as much as I can now. I really want to go here because of the building and I want to get inspired.And, yes! This place gives me inspiration for my future home..haha(not really soon),working for it now.

Below is the details how you can go here;
 Istana Negara Lama, Jalan Istana, Kuala Lumpur.
Entrance fees
RM5/person (Don't forget bring your Identification card)
What you do here: 
You can learn about our Supreme King, the current and the previous one. 
Get inspired
Take photos(outside only)
My review:
I think the entrance fees should be free because we can't even take any picture inside.We just look and remember it inside our head.And, they should open the park too so we can enjoy our time over there.Overall, I have a good time because I feel inspired and I can take photo of my outfit at nice background..ehhee.
So, enjoy the photos below.

Thanks Amy for the ice cream!

 Thanks, Marina Unnie for helping me take the nice photo here.
Eating ice cream in the hot weather is the nicest thing to do,right,Amy?

And,here is behind the scenes photo of my outfit shooting here.
I'm using my Iphone this time.

Have you ever visit Old Istana Negara before? or is there any interesting places to visit in KL that you know?
Please share it with me.

Thanks for the visit and read my blog!
See you next time.


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