[Photography] SIB Cheras Valentine Day 2016

01 March 2016

Hi, everyone~
As I editing this event photos, I cried because I feel emotional to see the happy moment that I captured. I really love this job but I hate it because its make me feel touching every time. I'm an emotional photographer and I really love the see the happy moment of people life.Without further due, enjoy my photography for this event.

The event decor

The beautiful view from the cruise
The special creature I've seen
The setting is gorgeous,right?
Two of the AJK of the event
Guest arrival

Bro Hanafi and his wife
Bro Stanley and his wife
Pak Sarait and his wife

How can I say no to this? ahhaha
All these photos make me appreciate love even more.

During the event

I'm thankful that I can attend this event even though as a just photographer. So, it worth I come back from Sydney, Australia over this event.
I love to witness the love in the air.
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  1. Replies
    1. owh..pernah beribadah di SIB Cheras lah ni kan?

    2. Not this one..sebelum pindah it was SIB Cheras Awana..saya antara generasi awal pembukaan & joined perasmian with Sis Nomi. Hope to be there again one day..God Blessed

  2. I give u 5🌟 for your photoshot. So talented. You give me inspired to move to next level for photographer. Keep it up!! God bless!


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