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[Travel] : Cambodia Day 1- keriitleto with Brave heart

26 March 2016

Hi there!
Thank you so much for visit my blog again for another travel diary. Last month is crazy month for me but I'm thankful for that because I experienced new thing like solo travel for vacation for the first time.
Even when the day has come, I'm thinking to just cancel this trip because I feel scared, not so confident with myself and I'm quite tired too. I just flew from New Zealand to Kuala Lumpur the day before this trip take off. But, thanks I didn't cancel it because this is one of my life goals. So, I went to Cambodia by myself with brave heart and faith in God.

When I posted about my journey on Facebook and Instagram, some of friends did ask me the same question like below;

Why did I choose to do solo travel in Cambodia?
I choose Cambodia for some reasons.
First is Angkor Wat sunrise. I've seen this on Pinterest last year and I fall in love with it.
Second is if you watch Tom Rider: Lara Croft movie starring by Angelina Jolie, then you seen some temple view and I want to see it with my own eyes.
Third is its affordable for me.
Last but not least is I will be not doing shopping thing over here because I bring my backpacker only and not a fashion forward country ( in my opinion).

How I save money for this vacation?
If you want to go somewhere, you need the money.
For the ticket, I bought it using my first ever salary as wedding photographer and wedding planner, that I did for my cousins and my friend last year.I can spend that money on something else like buying clothes which I love the most but I decided to spend it on something that I will remember for the rest of my life.
And, for other spending like accomodations and pocket money, I withdraw my money from my travel saving ( I did separate account for my travel) and some of my salary too.I'm lucky because I got my salary before I went to Cambodia, what a great timing..ehhee.
Without further due, here is my first day diary in Cambodia and traveling journey.

Here is nervous and not so confident face about this solo trip. But, luckily this girl is so brave to go and just do it!
When I get my ticket, I knew that its getting real. I will be on my own in different country by myself for 6 days. I don't know what will happen but I have faith in God.
When the first time I arrived in Siem Reap,Cambodia ( the first places I went), I'm quite blur because I didn't receive any arrival form/card so I went to ask the officer the form/card, he just stared at me first and giving me the form, what a weird gesture. During this time, I feel so lonely because everyone has their partners and friends traveled with but I'm just me, by myself, surviving in the unfamiliar country but I choose to do this so just do it!
 This is their arrival card. We need to fill in this before get the stamp from Immigration officer.
This is Siem Reap International Airport. Its look tiny compare to the airport that I been before.
After the immigration matter, I directly go to the money changer. I can't change Malaysia money to Riel( Cambodian money) directly in Malaysia, so I need to change it to USD first then change to Riel in Cambodia. 

The outside airport view.
 There's funny story regarding my arrival here.
Before I fly to Siem Reap,Cambodia, the hotel management emailed me and ask about what time I will be arrived because they want to arranged the transportation from hotel to airport for me. In my mind, I thought it will be taxi ( I usually get taxi when I arrived at certain country) but then, at Cambodia, I got tuk-tuk. I'm really suprised and excited at the same time.This is my first time ride the tuk-tuk in my life. Its worth it to ride it because its become experience.That's my tuk-tuk driver, he is nice man and he remember my name when I staying at Siem Reap..hahaha.
 My first impression about Siem Reap was hot and dry, but I'm not complaining because its similiar with what I got back in my hometown.
Here is few view that I captured along the way from airport to my hotel ( their city)
 Almost there. This is how siem reap look like from the passenger of tuk-tuk.
 After check in, I asked the hotel staff about how to go to Angkor Wat and they really friendly and even calculated and recommended with tour is better for me and worth it. So, when its come to money, different rate then this will happen, calculator is up!
 The entrance of my hotel. Its two stars hotel. No fancy hotel like when I went for business trip. Just simple and affordable.When I arrived to the hotel, its out of electricity, I dont know why. During the blackout, I settle everything about my plan for next day. I booked the tuk-tuk and I did ask some questions to the hotel staff about everything about Angkor Wat. I will share more on my next day diary.
My first day in Cambodia is quite challenging because my hotel was black out when I arrived. Its blackout until 0430pm. Can you imagine I arrived around 10am and need to wait until evening.But, I'm too tired because of my flight from New Zealand, so the first day I just sleep without any air condition and fan.But, I sleep comfortably..haha.
After the electricity is okay, I take the bath and ready for searching for dinner at the Night Market and Pub Street.So, here some of the photos.

I ate my dinner at street today.
Its look like keoy teow right? but, its different and I'm not really satisfied because it contain a lot of cabbage.

And, dont forget to visit again for more diary and photos.

Thank you very much for read and enjoy the entry.


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